Radiobiology for the Technologist: Radiography and Fluoroscopy

by Cassling on Jul 27, 2021


The effects of ionizing radiation on patients undergoing diagnostic imaging are exceedingly small, with the risks generally non-existent. Nonetheless, a high-quality exam is best achieved using the right amount of X-ray to achieve the intended purpose without extra radiation that does not add to the physician interpretation. This session will review basic radiation biology in the context of commonly performed exams. Radiation protection for physician and technologist staff with fluoroscopic procedures will also be discussed.

At the completion of this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Define the three primary cellular conditions in radiation biology that connote radiation sensitivity.
  • Recognize the general effect patient age has on cellular sensitivity to radiation.
  • Understand radiation sensitivity/benefits as it relates to using X-ray chest imaging in the context of screening with radiography and CT.
  • Recognize the benefit of two types of X-ray shielding that are useful for reducing staff exposures.

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