Increased comfort

Increased comfort

Patients have a more positive experience, less anxiety and can better tolerate exams.

Improve your bottom line

Improve your bottom line

Organizations experience increased referrals, higher market share and improved patient satisfaction scores.

Design the ideal healthcare environment

Give patients the power to transform repetitive imaging treatment sessions into unique personal experiences. Patients can choose a favorite nature theme, mood lighting, personal photos, music or video. Choose any combination of Sentient products with or without touch control.

Watch Video

Put patients at ease and in control.

Products include: 

  • Video image displays
  • Illuminated image ceilings
  • MRI-safe projectors & video cameras
  • LED lighting systems
  • Sound systems
  • Touch control systems
  • Nature videography & themes

Available for Cassling customers with existing installations as well as those planning future patient spaces.

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View an interactive MR room and see all the ways Sentient can bring your patients' experience to a new level of comfort.

Sentient Suites Interactive MR Room

Look inside the MRI Suite at Boys Town National Research Hospital


This is a setting specifically devoted toward providing very child- and family-friendly care. The color of the room can be changed to whatever the patient might find soothing. We can play music of the patient’s choosing to cover up the sound of the MRI machine, or the patient can watch a movie. It’s less stressful, and there’s less of a need for sedation or anesthesia.

—Edward Kolb, M.D., Medical Director
Boys Town National Research Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska

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