Making the Business Case for New Technology to Improve the Bottom Line

by Cassling on Jun 2, 2017

What factors do you consider when making a purchasing decision in your department? There is an abundance of technology vendors in the market, and those that will be better for patient care and reducing readmissions seem like a no-brainer. However, do you know all of the real hard costs? Is there really a market for this use of product, or will the purchase become a storage nightmare that leads to a financial setback?
In this workshop, you will dissect strategies for making a business case for the purchase of new technology, including evaluating the pros and cons, determining whether to rent or purchase, and evaluating loan considerations. Regardless of the new applications you are considering, this workshop will provide the skills needed to objectively evaluate the profitability of the product or service and create a comprehensive business plan to present to your committee for approval.
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