Ultrasound Fleet Standardization: Pros and Cons

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Most ultrasound fleets consist of diverse brands, models and versions. This can leave imaging departments and facilities with dozens of variations—impeding productivity and complicating maintenance, training, upgrades and more.

One way to overcome these challenges is to standardize your ultrasound fleet. Benefits of standardization can include improved efficiency, user satisfaction and patient outcomes.

Download Cassling’s report to learn about the pros and cons of fleet standardization, along with three tips to consider when embarking on the process. Simply fill out the form below.


Standardization of an ultrasound fleet can produce cost savings in several areas. Download our report to learn about the various pros and cons of standardization.

Plus, you’ll get three tips to achieve a successful standardization, including why you should:

  1. Conduct the process openly
  2. Standardize one fleet segment at a time
  3. Establish a multi-year purchasing agreement process