Improving Transapical TAVI & Intraoperative Imaging in Cardiac Surgery

Case Study

Several years ago, an 83-year-old female patient received two coronary stents and a pacemaker implantation as a result of two-vessel disease. The patient was also suffering from increased airway resistance. These comorbidities, overall weak condition and high-grade aortic valve stenosis with high postoperative stroke risk led to the decision to give the patient a transapical TAVI.

This  scenario is a familiar one for Dr. Bruno Podesser, associate professor of surgery in the Cardiac Surgery Department at the Landesklinikum St. Poelten, Austria.

One thing is different this time: Dr. Podesser is using the Siemens Cios Alpha flat detector mobile C-arm.

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Improving Transapical TAVI & Intraoperative Imaging in Cardiac Surgery

Download this case study to learn why the Cios Alpha is ideal for cardiac surgery, including these benefits:

  • Suitable for TAVIs and other procedures like carotid interventions
  • Live graphic overlay supports ideal placement of aortic implant
  • Sharp contrast and oblique collimation enables catheter placement and focus on important structures
  • Powerful tool to overcome obesity and acquire high quality images

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