Cios Family of C-arms

What counts in surgery? The ability to manage all types of interventions, often under extreme time constraints, while maintaining high-quality standards. You don’t have time for overheating, limited field of view or maneuverability challenges. That’s why Siemens created a new generation of mobile C-arm technology—the Cios family of C-arms.

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Cios Spin

Through cutting edge 2D and cone-beam CT (3D) imaging, Cios Spin enables more certainty in demanding cases, improved efficiency through intraoperative confirmation and greater cost-effectiveness in minimally invasive procedures.

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Recommended for: spine surgery, bronchoscopic interventions and orthopedic/trauma surgery

Cios Alpha

Visualize small details regardless of clinical application, patient size or length of surgery. Apply the right dose with Exam Sets, dose buttons and smart collimation for intraprocedural imaging. Handle more complex cases with a boost from the Energy Storage Unit - and eliminate the worry of system overheating with the Cios Alpha's unique active cooling.

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Recommended for: vascular, cardiac, IR, GI and urology procedures

Cios Flow

Designed for endurance and versatility, the lightweight and slim Cios Flow mobile c-arm combines a simple user interface with high-end features for use across specialties. 

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Recommended for: orthopedic/trauma, spine, vascular and pain management procedures


Cios Select with FD

Equipped with modern flat-detector technology, the Cios Select combines premium capabilities with an economic system design. The result is a system that offers excellent images, easy handing and high system uptime.

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Recommended for: pain management procedures, orthopedic/trauma and basic vascular procedures

Cios Select

99.8% system uptime,* an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface, high image quality and IDEAL radiation dose management make the Cios Select your true partner in performance.

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Recommended for: pain management and orthopedic/trauma procedures

Smart-C turner-smart-c-mini

Experience the power of portability

Open up your OR with a mini C-arm that is actually mini and provides the functionality of current models in the market today. Our creative design provides today’s clinicians with flexible options to build C-arm solution that fits their workspace and imaging needs.

  • Lightweight, cordless, battery-powered system for portability
  • Sophisticated imaging algorithm for improved visualization
  • Wireless, high-definition fluoroscopic imaging for radiological use
  • Independent articulating arm for optimal positioning
  • Ability to conserve space with a compact footprint
  • Independent monitor cart for clear field-of-view positioning
  • Detaches from articulating arm for independent tabletop use

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C-arm Rental & Leasing ProgramC-arm Rental & Leasing Program

Build Volume & Revenue without Downtime or Financing

Do you want to expand exam capabilities or need to replace outdated equipment, but can’t afford a capital expenditure right now? Are you building a new cath lab or angiography suite, and are worried about downtime during construction?

Cassling’s rent-to-own or leasing programs may be right for you.

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Office-Based Lab Solutionscassling-icon-comfort

Launch Your OBL with Complete Support Every Step of the Way

Cassling’s all-inclusive office-based lab package gives you the capabilities and flexibility needed to maximize ROI. If you're performing interventional or advanced vascular and cardiac procedures, we can get up and running with Siemens C-arms, angiography and ultrasound equipment, plus construction and financial services.

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Cassling can help you identify a solution that’s right for your facility and your patients. Whether your surgical discipline is ortho, trauma, vascular or cardiac surgery, and whether you need a system for your daily routine or highly complex procedures—Siemens’s world-class systems are the perfect match. 

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