Cassling Commits to Participate in Live Well Campaign to Improve Wellness in the Community

    Omaha, Neb. (March 18, 2011) – In collaboration with Live Well Omaha, Cassling continues to provide a healthy work environment through its award winning wellness program and by encouraging its wellness employees and families to improve their overall health.

    Cassling joins community leaders from Live Well Omaha, Douglas County Health Department and several other local organizations to strategically combine efforts to improve the Omaha's environment. The Partners for a Healthy City initiative is dedicated to creating policy change focused on nutrition and physical activity.

    Casssling has pledged to implement policy changes within the organization to help make healthy choices easier for employees and families. "Cassling always has focused on improving our employees health," President and CEO Mike Cassling said. "We make a major effort to provide those tools to employees and their families. We are proud to participate in this community-wide effort to encourage healthier lifestyles."

    Since launching the wellness program in 2000, Cassling enrollment has increased from 20 percent to its highest enrollment to date at 95 percent. Cassling's program focuses on improving the mind, body and soul by providing several resources, programs and incentives to increase overall health and wellness.

    Wellness benefits include:

    • Access to educational documents and motivational resources through the company intranet
    • A $150 community stipend to finance participation in community wellness events
    • Up to a $500 wellness stipend to fund wellness activities and purchases
    • Two private sessions with a registered dietitian
    • A minimum of four incentive programs with motivational and participation prizes
    • Health premium discount for qualified members
    • Personalized healthy lifestyle coaching and annual health screen

    About Cassling
    Cassling is a full-line sales and service distributor for Siemens Healthcare. Founded in 1984 as Cassling Diagnostic Imaging, the company helps health-care organizations in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and select counties in Illinois and Missouri, strengthen health care in their communities.

    About Cassling's Wellness Program
    Cassling's award-winning wellness program aims to help employees and their families live healthier lifestyles through education, incentives and an annual wellness stipend. In 2008, Cassling received the Gold Well Workplace Award from the Wellness Council of America. This award is given to organizations that demonstrate a solid foundation for wellness success.