Cassling Named Omaha's Best Place to Work for the Advancement of Women

    Omaha, Neb. (March 4, 2011) – Baird Holm LLP and the Institute for Career Advancement Needs (ICAN) recently announced Cassling as the recipient of the Best Places to Work for the Advancement of Women in Omaha Award. The award will be presented at the 2011 ICAN Women's Leadership Conference, April 7, 2011 at the Qwest Center Omaha.

    Cassling was selected as the 2011 winner based support of women's participation in internal and external leadership programs through regular coaching guides, management development programs and executive coaching.

    In 2010, 100 percent of Cassling managers, including 12 females, met with an executive coach a minimum of six times to help guide them in their leadership development. Cassling identified three women as emerging leaders and had them meet with an executive coach; one of them was later promoted to management. The driving force behind these initiatives is to identify and "create" future leaders in within the organization and in the community.

    Cassling strongly believes in promoting within. Of the 15 women in leadership positions, 93 percent were promoted from within. As a mid-size company with approximately 160 employees, Cassling is somewhat limited in terms of the number of formal leadership positions offered. In order to further grow and develop its employees, Cassling frequently uses committees or special projects to help expand an employee's experience.

    "We are honored to receive this award. It is a reflection of the outstanding employees we have at Cassling and their commitment to ongoing professional development," said Mike Cassling, president and CEO. "We believe in supporting all employees through non-traditional benefits and training and are proud that so many of our female employees have advanced personally and professionally because of the programs."

    Now in its second year, the award is a reflection of growing concerns about the lack of advancement opportunities for women in the workplace in Nebraska. It is Baird Holm and ICAN's goal to help Omaha employers set the bar higher for the advancement of women and recognize companies that are leaders in this area.

    About Cassling
    Cassling is a full-line sales and service distributor for Siemens Healthcare. Founded in 1984 as Cassling Diagnostic Imaging, the company helps health-care organizations in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and select counties in Illinois and Missouri, strengthen health care in their communities. For more information, visit