Cassling Uses "The Captain" to Navigate Rising Health-care Costs

    Omaha, Neb. (Dec. 7, 2011) – Soaring health-care costs have hit people in the United States hard. The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that the average annual premium for family health benefits top $15,000 in 2011, up 9 percent. To combat rising health-care costs, an increasing number of companies are implementing wellness programs. 

    Now in its eleventh year, Cassling’s wellness program is a successful example of how companies can encourage employees and their families to make healthier choices and help reduce health-care costs. At the center of the award-winning program is a fictional character named Captain Cassling. Through the program, the Captain has given Cassling employees the tools, resources and support to lose weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, quit tobacco use and generally become more active. 

    “We see wellness as a key part of our culture and believe investing in the health and well being of our employees and their families is key to company and personal success,” Cassling President and CEO Mike Cassling said. “We support wellness and healthy behaviors through educating and empowering employees to take charge of their health. It never hurts to add some creativity and fun.” 

    Since launching the wellness program in 2000, Cassling enrollment has increased from 20 percent to its highest enrollment to date at 95 percent. In 2011, The Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) honored Cassling as the recipient of the Platinum Well Workplace Award. The Platinum Award represents the pinnacle of results-oriented worksite wellness programming and is the highest honor bestowed to a company for its wellness program. 

    Cassling wellness benefits include:
    • Access to educational and motivational resources through the company intranet and Captain Cassling’s Facebook and Twitter pages
    • Health premium discount for qualified members
    • A $150 community stipend to finance participation in community wellness events
    • Up to a $500 wellness stipend to fund wellness activities and purchases
    • A minimum of four incentive programs with motivational and participation prizes
    • Personalized healthy lifestyle coaching and annual health screening
    • Access to company fitness facility

    Interviews can be arranged with Cassling’s CEO and the vice president of marketing. 

    About Cassling 

    Cassling is a full-line sales and service distributor for Siemens Healthcare. Founded in 1984 as Cassling Diagnostic Imaging, the company helps health-care organizations in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and select counties in Illinois and Missouri, strengthen health care in their communities.