Health-Care Facilities to Recognize Importance of Imaging During National Radiologic Week

    X-rays Complete the Health-Care Picture

    Omaha, Neb. (Nov. 3, 2010) – To recognize the many contributions imaging has made to the field of medicine, national and local health-care facilities will celebrate National Radiologic Week Nov. 7 - 13 and X-ray Discovery Day on Nov. 8. Cassling, a sales and service dealer for Siemens Healthcare, is offering a collection of complimentary resources to help customers highlight the importance of X-rays and imaging.

    National Radiologic Week and X-ray Discovery Day give health-care facilities a chance to recognize the important work performed by radiology departments,” said Mike Cassling, president and CEO of Cassling. “From the mammogram that detects breast cancer to the coronary CT scan that finds blocked arteries before a heart attack occurs, imaging and X-rays are vital to the delivery of health care. Through the use of imaging, patients require fewer unnecessary and exploratory surgeries and can avoid inappropriate treatments that inflate the costs of their care.”

    Medical imaging has grown by leaps and bounds since Nov. 8, 1895, when German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen made a discovery that would forever change the field of medicine. In his darkened laboratory, he uncovered a form of radiation that could penetrate solid objects and cast images. He called his finding “X-radiation,” with the X meaning “unknown.” Some 115 years later, the X-ray remains the most commonly used form of medical imaging.

    Roentgen’s discovery laid the groundwork for the advanced medical imaging equipment found in health-care facilities today. The modern X-ray as well as CT, ultrasound, mammography and nuclear medicine equipment use the basics of Roentgen’s science to help save lives and detect, diagnose and treat injury, illness and disease.

    Cassling has helped local health-care facilities bring imaging technology to their communities for more than 25 years, and can provide insight into how today’s high-tech radiology systems produce extremely detailed pictures, even 3-D images, of inside the body and how it helps to save lives and reduce costs.

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    Cassling is a full-line sales and service agent for Siemens Healthcare. Founded in 1984 as Cassling Diagnostic Imaging, the company helps health-care organizations in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and select counties in Illinois and Missouri, strengthen health care in their communities. In July 2008, the company name was changed to Cassling to better reflect the full range of imaging and clinical information management products, and marketing and professional services it offers.