Precise and Effective Imaging for Patient-Friendly Urological Interventions

Case Study

A prostate carcinoma is blocking the flow of urine from both kidneys. If the obstruction is not resolved quickly, organ damage, renal failure, or infections are likely to occur. However, a diversion via the urethra and ureter is not possible on this patient.

This scenario is familiar to Dr. Michael Straub, senior managing physician of the Urological Clinic at University Hospital in Munich, Germany. So he decides to perform a percutaneous nephrostomy.

One thing is different this time: Dr. Straub uses Cios Alpha, the new mobile C-arm from Siemens, with flat-panel detector technology.


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Download this urology case study to learn how the Cios Alpha mobile C-arm:

  • Improves ergonomics for effective workflows
  • Allows for greater precision and better patient outcomes
  • Reduces radiation and improves safety

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