Human Trafficking Identification in a Healthcare Setting

by Cassling on Dec 28, 2023

Doctor comforting a female patientHEAL Trafficking’s mission is to lead innovative health solutions to eradicate human trafficking in our communities worldwide. HEAL’s services - including education, training, customized materials, consultation, technical assistance and advocacy work - are used the world over to not only shine a spotlight on the plight of those being trafficked, but also to put an end to the practice. They engage with a global network of more than 3,800 healthcare workers and other multidisciplinary professionals in 45 countries, including survivors of human trafficking, to circulate their cutting-edge resources, share best practices and provide a critical support space to healthcare workers engaging with trafficking on the front lines.

This presentation will define human trafficking and educate on how to recognize signs of human trafficking. It will also explore state-level legal mandates for reporting human trafficking and how to advocate for establishing human trafficking protocols in the healthcare facility. Participants will be given resources for assistance if an individual is identified as someone impacted by human trafficking. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify victims of human trafficking who present to your healthcare facility
  • Describe the appropriate response if an individual is experiencing human trafficking
  • List three resources for individuals impacted by human trafficking

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