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7 Tips to Boost Marketing for Healthcare Providers

In many areas of the country, patient levels still haven’t reached where they were pre-pandemic. A small but significant portion of your patient base may still be hesitant to enter a healthcare facility for everything from preventive testing to critical imaging exams their physicians have been urging them to get for years.... Read more

What’s New in MRI Technology — 2022 Edition

With so many technological advancements happening across all of healthcare, it’s easy to lose sight of the incredible evolution happening to one of the cornerstones of the hospital imaging experience: MRI. 2022 has seen a number of improvements to the MRI patient experience, the workflows of imaging teams and the systems... Read more

Uniting Your Multi-Site Imaging Processes Following a Merger or Acquisition

The era of healthcare consolidation continues. As noted by the Advisory Board, the Department of Health and Human Services recently came out with a landmark report that found, in a span ranging from 2016 to 2021, a whopping 350 hospitals experienced a change in ownership. These ownership changes were spurred by an... Read more

The State of Rural Healthcare Closures (and 3 Possible Solutions)

According to a new study by the Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform (CHQPR), over 40% of rural U.S. hospitals are at risk of closing in the near future. For many small communities, rural hospitals are the lone provider of all healthcare services in their areas. If these hospitals shutter, millions of Americans... Read more

Joel Otto's Career Celebrated as a Standard for World-Class Customer Service

If there’s one thing Joel Otto is known for, it’s the close relationships he creates with his customers. Many Field Service Engineers who had the privilege of knowing Joel over his 20 years at Cassling expressed their admiration of Joel's ability to form strong relationships both with his customers and his colleagues. ... Read more

Cassling Leadership Institute Returns with a Focus on Leadership Fundamentals

Healthcare professionals today face more challenges than at any other time in history. The pandemic was a catalyst for an extraordinary amount of change, on your team, in your hospital, and maybe even in your professional career. You and your staff learned new skills and faced difficulties that would have once seemed... Read more

Annual Award Celebrating Service Excellence Goes to Cassling Engineer Terry Hingtgen

It’s easy to spot great service. A friendly greeting. Detailed communication. Going the extra mile. These days, it’s not as easy to find. We can thank two years of a global pandemic for that. Which is why celebrating when it’s done right—like by Cassling Field Service Engineer Terry Hingtgen—is especially important. Read more

6 Ways to Simplify: Lean on Cassling as Your Strategic Healthcare Partner

If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that there is not enough time in the day or enough medical professionals to keep up with the growing needs in healthcare today. Look at any hospital career page or the job board of a medical staffing agency and it is easy to see that our communities are in dire need of extra... Read more

Kathy Osborne Recognized with Ken Vetter Integrity & Strategy Award

A leader. Mentor. Educator. And a very fast driver. These words describe Cassling legend Ken Vetter, the first employee to join the company in 1984. He started under company founder Bob Cassling and served as vice president until he retired in 2008. Ken passed away in January 2021, but left a lasting legacy on the... Read more

From the CEO's Desk: Lessons on Leadership, Service and Supporting the Community

Mike Cassling, CEO of Cassling and CQuence Health Group was featured on February's issue of Midlands Business Journal. The article discusses Mike's dedication to maintaining Cassling and CQuence's stellar reputation in healthcare and highlights his passion for his employees, his customers, and for serving the community. ... Read more

The Growing Trend of Precision Medicine

One positive thing to come out of the pandemic (we like to be glass-half-full when we can) is the speed at which we’re embracing the digital transformation in healthcare. Precision medicine is more tangible than ever, with new technologies and operational strategies to tailor patient treatment from the outset. The benefits... Read more

6 Tips to Motivate, Retain and Attract Staff Through Difficult Times

Tips to encourage and retain your team in today's healthcare environment...  Remember back in the early months of 2020, when the surge of patients into hospitals was heralded as unprecedented? Well, it’s 2022, and these unprecedented times are feeling quite precedented. Except now, as hospitals confront the rising tide of... Read more

Redefining CT: Photon-counting technology is revolutionary

NAEOTOM Alpha opens up a new era of medical imaging It’s not every day I post a blog talking about a specific Siemens product. But it’s not every day a new technology like photon-counting computed tomography (CT) comes along. In fact, it’s a disruptive technology that comes along perhaps once in a decade. This is a... Read more

5 Resolutions for Imaging Professionals in 2022

In 2022, take the time to focus on you. The last couple years have taught us that our goals are best when they focus on our overall wellbeing—not some lofty ideal of mental or physical perfection. That means less dieting and less extreme productivity, but more time with family, for rest and to pursue what we’re most... Read more

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Top Articles of 2021 Point to Key Trends of 2022

What a year. Despite the ups and downs of the pandemic, healthcare providers continue to navigate an unprecedented situation with bravery, tenacity and compassion that more than meets the challenge. Is it any wonder then that some of our most popular content of 2021 would be focused on innovation and new frontiers of... Read more