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A Man of Many Modalities: Jeremy Long Celebrates 20 Years of Dedicated Service

As Cassling continues to grow, we’re always evolving to better serve our customers. One way we’re doing this is by expanding our equipment service offerings. Expanded service is an ask that came from our customers, and it is a direct result of the trust and confidence they have in dedicated field service engineers like... Read more

What’s New in MRI Technology — 2024 Edition

With so many technological advancements happening across all of healthcare, it’s easy to lose sight of the incredible evolution happening to one of the cornerstones of the hospital imaging experience: MRI. 2024 will continue to see a number of improvements to the MRI patient experience, the workflows of imaging teams and... Read more

Mammography in 2023: Updated Laws Providers Need to Know

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women in the United States. Currently, it accounts for nearly 30% of all new female cancers each year. For 2023, the American Cancer Society estimated that 297,790 new cases of invasive breast cancer would be diagnosed and about 43,700 women would die from breast cancer.... Read more

Rad Tech Week Demonstrates Need for Year-Round Appreciation

It’s one of the best weeks of the year – National Radiologic Technologist Week! Cassling’s annual commemoration of Rad Tech Week has taken place for 14 years, and for good reason, this week is an opportunity to stop and appreciate the hard work technologists, physicians, support teams and other healthcare workers put forth... Read more

Scott Urbank Delivers Superhero Service for 20 Years

At Cassling, we believe imaging equipment is the heartbeat of healthcare facilities. Our customers rely on us to keep their equipment up and running, and their patients rely on our customers to keep them healthy. So when you have a service team that treats equipment like patients and customers like family, the result is a... Read more

Lung Cancer CT Screening Update: What Providers Need to Know

Lung cancer is a pervasive public health issue in the United States. To date, it remains the leading cause of cancer death among Americans — more than breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers combined. The American Cancer Society estimates 2023 will bring: About 238,340 new cases of lung cancer (117,550 in men and 120,790... Read more

SOMATOM X.Cite + myNeedle Companion - Simplifying CT-Guided Intervention

Dr. David Lacey, Interventional Radiologist at Iowa Methodist Medical Center, a Cassling customer, details how myNeedle Companion on the SOMATOM X.cite helps simplify CT-guided interventions from start to finish. Dedicated in-room control options offer the flexibility to work as you prefer – with or without an assistant.... Read more

Does Your Radiology Recruitment Strategy Account for Technology?

With the need to fill radiology roles with top talent — and to do so fast — hospitals are in a position where they need to step up their recruitment efforts and take action. A report from KaufmanHall found that 98% of hospital and health system leaders raised starting salaries and minimum wage while 84% introduced signing... Read more

Dan Zampogna Celebrates 20 Years of Going the Extra Mile

Committed, hard worker, team player – these are the exact words a company hopes to hear when describing an employee, and just a few of the adjectives used to describe Cassling Field Service Engineer (FSE) Dan Zampogna. After 20 years, Dan continues to wow his managers, peers and customers with his willingness to lend a... Read more

3 Must-Haves of Any Office-Based Lab

Are you getting ready to open, or currently operating, an Office-Based Lab (OBL) or Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)? When you’re unable to rely on hospital administration or a purchasing manager to oversee the business end of your practice, including purchasing, service contracts, staffing, reimbursement and more, it’s... Read more

Is the Rural Emergency Hospital Designation the Right Model for You?

Rural hospitals across the United States are currently grappling with a severe and precarious financial situation. Over the past decade, more than 100 rural hospitals have shut their doors, leaving vulnerable communities without vital healthcare access. Alarmingly, these healthcare losses appear far from over, as an... Read more

Cassling's Tim Elder Celebrates 20 Years of Service

‘Elder’ describes a senior authority figure who is highly respected and valued for their wisdom. Cassling is lucky to have many whose leadership and service help us strengthen community healthcare, but one aptly named Regional Service Manager (RSM) truly takes things to another level: Tim Elder. Read more

Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Each year, Cassling is honored to connect diagnostic imaging teams with free resources to celebrate their sonographers during Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month. We’ve been doing this for a number of years, and every year we pick a new theme, artwork and slogan. In years past, we’ve featured everything from a take on Rosie... Read more

ASRT Awards Bob Cassling Memorial Scholarships to Radiologic Technologists, Empowering Education & Community Impact

The ASRT Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, has announced the recipients of the two $4,000 scholarships, awarded to healthcare professionals continuing their medical imaging and radiation therapy education and expanding their credentials. Read more

Advanced Imaging Shows Promise for Addressing Radiology Staff Shortages

Hospital staffing shortages are a real problem. In fact, last March the American Hospital Association submitted a letter to the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee that deemed them a "national emergency." The impact of these shortages has affected the gamut of healthcare worker roles -- from... Read more