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Uterine Fibroid Embolization: Everything You Need to Know

For many women, undergoing any procedure can leave fear and uncertainty. Especially when it comes to a procedure that your patients may not know much about it. Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) certainly fits the bill. UFE is a minimally invasive surgery that targets fibroids in the uterus, but it still has relatively low... Read more

AUC Program Penalty Phase Suspended Indefinitely: We Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions

UPDATE: The penalty phase of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) program has been suspended until further notice. A major goal of the AUC is to help providers order the most appropriate test for their patients by using a Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (CDSM). The Centers for Medicare &... Read more

Applications Being Accepted for 2023-24 Bob Cassling Memorial Scholarships

The scholarship, which honors the late founder of Cassling, provides financial support to rural healthcare professionals seeking a degree or certification in the imaging or radiation therapy fields. Higher education has never been more important for a diagnostic imaging professional’s career. This year, Cassling is again... Read more

Mark Groeneweg Celebrates 20 Years at Cassling

At Cassling, we seek to deliver a high-quality customer service experience that exceeds the expectations of our customers. It’s ingrained in who we are and what we do. But Regional Service Manager Mark Groeneweg takes this commitment so he seriously that he once tracked down a FedEx truck to get a part for a customer. Read more

How Much Does an MRI Scanner Cost?

Purchasing a new MRI scanner can be a lengthy, daunting process. Making the right decision means considering multiple options, features, and capabilities, then choosing the one system that is just right for your needs. You’ll likely consider a number of MRI vendors, each of whom claim to have the best technology, service... Read more

5 Helpful Strategies to Cope with and Welcome Change

Change is one of the only constants in our lives, and we can count on it daily. While we might see change as a stressor, can you imagine your life without change? No improved health, no increase in pay, no new home, and no upcoming vacation! Read more

What’s New in Ultrasound Tech – 2023 Edition

While you weren’t looking, a lot has been happening in the field of ultrasound! New technologies, new workflows, new best practices. Over just a few short years, the potential uses of ultrasound have grown exponentially, and that means exciting things for you and your imaging team. Join us as we take a look at the latest... Read more

Patient Centered Care and Communication Defined: How They Lead to Better Health Outcomes

For many patients, hospital visits bring a lot of fear and uncertainty. Patients are thrown into an unfamiliar environment with minimal knowledge and lack the confidence to ask the questions they want to, leaving them feeling overwhelmed and lost. When providers don’t take the time to center the care and communication... Read more

Service Excellence Award Goes to 20-Year Cassling Engineer Terry Hingtgen

We live and work in the communities we serve, which makes a profound difference when it comes to the level of service we provide at Cassling. When you know it’s you or a loved one who could be reliant on the lifesaving equipment we work on every day, you’re going to do everything you can to ensure it’s operating at peak... Read more

Thinking Strategically About Sustainability for Healthcare

The US health system is known for being one of the most capable and technologically advanced in the world. Unfortunately, despite our country’s continual drive for medical breakthroughs, there is one part of the healthcare industry that receives too little attention: its environmental toll. Read more

Cybersecurity and Imaging Providers — Safety in a Digital World

Today’s healthcare systems operate in a mostly digital world. Vast, interconnected networks enable the myriad services that make up the healthcare continuum and enable the accurate and efficient delivery of care. This digital connectivity has allowed some amazing technological advances to come to light. Things like... Read more

MAMMO Act Puts Mammography with Tomosynthesis in the Spotlight

Women are currently the fastest-growing population of veterans. In 2018, women made up 9 percent of United States veterans, and by 2040, it's expected that 17 percent of veterans will be women. According to a study published by the National Institutes of Health, breast cancer rates could actually be higher in the military... Read more