Positioning Your Organization for the Future of Healthcare

Let’s work together to outfit your specialized practice with the systems and technology you need to stand out in your field. No matter your area of practice, get the solutions that will enable you to become an efficient, profitable and patient-focused clinical leader in your community.


Get to the heart of patient care. Find the right CT, MR and angiography system, then enhance your lab setup with highly efficient processes, software and applications that improve workflows and let you reach more patients more quickly than ever before.


Learn how interventional angiography, MR and CT can combine with advanced workflows and software to bring accuracy and stability to your clinical results. Then further support your practice with clinical decision support and AI-based applications that will boost confidence among your team and patients. 


The fight against cancer begins with accurate diagnosis and continues through intervention and long-term monitoring. Ensure your practice has everything you need to work smarter, create a comforting environment, and help patients along every step of their journey. 


Get the clinical detail you need during surgical intervention. Backed by the reliability of systems and solutions that accurately capture images, your orthopedic practice will be ready to expand what’s possible in your community. 

Pain Management

The right C-arm is only the beginning of a pain management practice built to meet the demands of an aging population and a growing emphasis on outpatient care. Equip your specialized practice for long-term success through remote collaboration tools, asset management software and more. 


Your most sensitive patients require solutions that will foster a positive, supportive environment. Get technology built from the ground up to make exams easy on your pediatric patients, and learn more about creating an aesthetically pleasing environment through art, lighting and projection technology. 


The modern radiology department is more than just the equipment you use. It’s where state-of-the-art technology meets a highly skilled workforce, with training software, staffing solutions and even remote reading capabilities coming together to power the diagnostic imaging team of the future. 


Select from a variety of C-arms, interventional imaging systems and solutions for helping your team improve safety and speed. Plus: with Fleet Swap offers and a variety of equipment leasing, rental and purchase options, you’ll find the right financing fit to help your OBL or ASC thrive. 

Women's Health

Being a compassionate, trusted women’s health advisor in your community means access to technology and solutions that put the patient first. Support your practice through 3D mammography, custom-built environments for easing anxiety, and workforce solutions to ensure you’re able to meet patient demand. 


About Cassling

For nearly 40 years, Cassling has built a reputation for excellence based on our commitment to customer service and improving community healthcare.

With an eye toward the future, we’ve harnessed our expertise and unique position to become a true partner in addressing the needs of modern healthcare, all while remaining an employee-centric, family-owned company. By 2030, we’ll have touched 350 million patient lives thanks to the dedication of healthcare providers like you.


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