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Detect Aortic Stenosis with Unparalleled Efficiency and Accuracy

Cassling has partnered with Echo IQ to bring you EchoSolvTM, an AI platform used to aid in the accurate detection of aortic stenosis.

Through an automated assessment, EchoSolv leverages the largest global database of echocardiograms linked to mortality to identify patients at risk for aortic stenosis in less than three seconds. EchoSolvTM uses a multi-dimensional heart profile and clinical guidelines to identify 100% of patients at high risk of having in-guideline aortic stenosis . 



The Power of Deep Learning on the Entire Heart

The only AI platform built on the largest database of echos linked to mortality in the world, Echo IQ’s technology has the potential to improve patient quality of care, assist interventional cardiologists in more accurately and easily detecting Aortic Stenosis, reduce costs for healthcare facilities, and reduce unconscious bias, helping to standardize and improve care across facilities and regions.


Designed by Cardiologists for Cardiologists

EchoSolv™ enriches your clinical workflow without adding complexity
Real-time insights

Get detections in under 3 seconds. EchoSolv™ detections will be available when you start to write your report.

Enrich your workflow

View the EchoSolv™ results alongside your other Echo images stored on your PACS, or see them directly on your cloud reporting software or in an easy-to-use app. You can even receive SMS and email alerts for risk detections.

Your data, all the time

Multiple options to export your echo data and measurements, giving you the ability to carry out your own cohort research.

Multiple outputs

Generate PDF reports to include in patient files. Images of results can also be written to your PACS.

Stealth mode
Use Stealth Mode to hide PHI and use EchoSolv™ in class or as part of a talk.
One Secure Account

You need only one log-in to access multiple organizations, and all accounts are protected by multi-factor authentication.

Activity control and monitoring

Comprehensive audit trails and role-based access controls give you the ability to ensure only approved people have access to your data.

Secure and Trusted

Identifies 100% of in-guideline patients and is certified for SOC2 Type II and HIPAA compliance.

Data protection controls

Your health data is encrypted and stored in a US data center.

Prioritize Your Referrals

Referrals aren’t always for the right patient at the right time – but EchoSolv™ automatically flags the most urgent cases for patient prioritization and ensures that the most useful data is automatically generated in the report.


Developed on the largest training set in the world linked to mortality, offering crucial context when evaluating risk.



Intentionally designed to exclude the most common clinical biases, such as gender, race, and hemodynamic obfuscations.

Gloves in Heart Shape-1


Neutralizes the LVOT error amplification in the continuity equation.

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Unlike others, EchoSolv™ was trained on hundreds of thousands of cardiologist-approved studies, not unreviewed Echos.


Are you interested in growing your cardiovascular program and ensuring your most urgent patients are prioritized? Contact us to get started.