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Imaging facilities have traditionally been built for utility, not aesthetics.
But with patient experience and even outcomes increasingly contingent on comfort, it’s important to create an environment sensitive populations will want to be a part of.

Our partners at Comfort Health Solutions offer art, projection and lighting technology that can completely transform your imaging suite, helping you reduce anxiety and provide an exceptional experience to your patients.

Perfect for Pediatric Patients and More

Setups that turn your imaging suite into an underwater kingdom or outer space theme are ideal for kids, while mood lighting packages and relaxing art motifs can help soothe other sensitive patient populations.


Setups to Fit Multiple Systems and Modalities

Wraps can be placed directly onto your MRI, CT and more, while lighting and art can be installed anywhere throughout a room to fit any theme you choose. 

Contact Cassling to learn how enhanced lighting, art and projection technology can completely revolutionize your imaging suite.


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