Diagnose and treat cancer with the aid of imaging systems and solutions that can boost diagnostic accuracy and patient experience.

Your Patients Deserve the Best, and So Do You

The fight against cancer begins with accurate diagnosis and continues through intervention and long-term monitoring. Ensure your practice has everything you need to work smarter, create a comforting environment, and help patients along every step of their journey.

Imaging Without Compromise

Your patient’s journey may require a variety of imaging exams, ranging from MRIs to CTs, molecular imaging and more. Make sure your practice is equipped with the right systems to provide the exceptional detail you need and the outcomes your patients rely on you to provide. 

Taking the Fight to Breast Cancer

Help your breast cancer patients with a mammography system that provides comfort and diagnostic accuracy, even among patients with dense breasts. 

A Peaceful Experience for Your Patients 

Your patients’ clinical environment can make a real difference to their experience. With the right lighting, art and projection technology, you can put your patients at ease and help them throughout their journey. 


Multiple Solutions. One Trusted Source.

Applications & Training

We won’t just connect you to the software you need to run your most critical systems and services. We’ll help ensure you become an expert on the applications that power your organization.


Modern healthcare providers face more challenges than ever. We’ll consult with you on whatever problems you face to come up with a solution that helps you thrive. 

Continuing Education

Cassling’s free Investing in You program is an educational series that helps imaging and healthcare professionals broaden their skillsets and meet their continuing education needs. From rad techs and sonographers to managers and directors, you’ll stay abreast of the latest imaging trends while earning CE credits. 

Equipment Service

Get maintenance in accordance with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications, flexible service coverage plans, and access to an award-winning, local team that puts your needs first. Cassling's service plans allow you to leverage labor, save money and improve outcomes without sacrificing service quality. Manufacturers include Siemens Healthineers, Hologic, GE Healthcare surgical C-arms and more.


Find the perfect financing solution for upgrading your equipment, making a capital investment, refinancing your debt, and taking whatever steps you need to re-invest in your business and community.


Craft a marketing message that drives referrals, increases volume, and helps your organization achieve and maintain its status as a community leader.

Project Management

From the moment you start working with Cassling, we partner with your imaging and facilities departments to ensure your investment pays off with the timely and cost-effective installation of new equipment. 

Site Planning

When renovating your existing structures or building a whole new structure, we’ll work closely with your project leaders to come up with a plan that fits your budget, your design style and your community’s needs.
Everything You Need for Compassionate Cancer Treatment

Your patients trust you to be their provider during the most sensitive time of their lives. You deserve someone you can trust with solutions that won’t let you or your patients down. Contact Cassling to find what’s right for your oncology practice.