Taking Ultrasound to New Heights

The original ACUSON Sequoia™ is arguably the most popular ultrasound system we have ever created. In image quality, color sensitivity and advanced imaging modes, ACUSON Sequoia was—and still is—an industry benchmark. The new ACUSON Sequoia is a remarkable evolution of a product that was so right in so many ways.

The new system was re-designed with input from hundreds of ultrasound users worldwide, with user-friendly features such as one-click registration, gesture detecting transducers and real-time quad display. 

It's the return of an icon; and it's better than ever.


What if you could...

  • Image every patient, no matter the size or weight?
  • Get a fully focused B-mode image no matter the patient type?
  • Get higher contrast longevity on the most difficult patients?
  • Get real-time color flow every time without motion artifacts?
  • Image and measure tissue stiffness deeper than ever before?

Now you can. The ACUSON Sequoia was built to address your patient’s unique bioacoustic characteristics, as well as technological and user variabilities. Download the brochure to learn more

Three Key Benefits

  1. A remarkably fast, fully focused B-mode image without degradation of near-field or far-field resolution. Patented technologies allow ACUSON Sequoia to virtually eliminate color flash artifacts and penetrate deeper than conventional ultrasound systems.

  2. Color flow and color sensitivity without flashing or motion artifacts.

  3. Deep tissue penetration without impacting diagnostic quality. A new transducer—DAX (Deep Abdominal Transducer)can penetrate as deep as 40cm, allowing clinicians to image patients varying in size with confidence and clarity. 

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A Better Contrast SolutionFleet Management & Standardization Analysis

Contrast-enhanced ultrasound allows for detailed real time visualization of vessel morphology.

With the new ACUSON Sequoia, the view time of contrast agents is significantly longer, allowing clinicians more time to scan for additional incidental lesions during their exams and with up to twice the sensitivity.

BioAcoustic™ Imaging TechnologyClinical and Operational Workflow Analysis

With ACUSON Sequoia, each individual component is assembled to enable us to accurately track the ultrasound signal throughout the signal path. From our power supplies to our receivers and graphics processing unit; to the compact-pinless transducer connectors to the transducer lens, we aimed to preserve the signal acoustic fidelity. Driven by the goal of accurately representing human biology, we call this BioAcoustic imaging technology.

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