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A cost-effective and efficient way to rent or lease a Siemens mobile C-arm and table—and see 25% more with flat-panel detector.

Do you want to expand exam capabilities or need to replace outdated equipment, but can’t afford a capital expenditure right now? Are you building a new cath lab or angiography suite, and are worried about downtime during construction?

Cassling’s rent-to-own or leasing programs may be right for you. With our fleet of mobile C-arms and tables, we’re sure to have a solution with the right price, capability and footprint to meet your needs.

We also invite you to review our complete listing of surgical and urology solutions.

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Rent-to-own ProgramCassling's Rent-to-own Program

Benefits of our rent-to-own program include:
  • Replace old equipment in a cost-effective way without financing or taking out a capital loan
  • Build revenue and increase volume, which helps you make the case for a new system
  • Expand care options and exam offerings for your patients
  • Draw more referrals

Leasing ProgramCassling's Leasing Program

Leasing a C-arm, table or full surgical suite can help you:
  • Avoid downtime during a renovation or new construction
  • Maintain volume without sacrificing productivity or revenue
  • Save money by purchasing the system at the end of your lease agreement, and a portion of the rental fees paid go toward the purchase price

Ready to rent or lease a Siemens C-arm?

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