How do I Comply with AUC?

Beginning January 1, 2023, providers must consult AUC (Medicare Appropriate Use Criteria Program) when ordering outpatient advanced imaging (CTMRI, PET, nuclear medicine), and furnishing providers (radiologists and imaging programs) must document this consultation on both professional and technical claims for Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries.

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The Right Order, First Time.

The Medicalis Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (CDSM) enhances the quality of order entry within the electronic medical record by improving indications capture and aligning strong evidence with local best practice. CDSM ensures the “Right Order, First Time”, while reducing waste, delays in care, and improving physician-to-physician communication.

In daily practice, up to 26% of all imaging is ordered incorrectly when placed without evidence-based standards.


Educates. Motivates. Improves.

Every inappropriate imaging order wastes precious time and resources – and above all, unnecessarily increases imaging and care costs. Medicalis CDSM will help your institution and your referring physicians take a step toward precision medicine and real value-based care.

With every unnecessary exam, a patient’s confidence will decrease, and their anxiety will grow—along with the possibility of unnecessary exposure to radiation.

Improving Patient Care

You can ensure your referring physicians are ordering exams for cases where the potential for positive impact on patient care is high, thus increasing the quality of service and providing added value without discouraging the ordering physician.

Two Groups can Consult CDSM

  • Ordering professional: A physician or practitioner who orders the imaging service; and
  • Clinical staff: An individual working under the direction of the ordering provider. This staff member must have sufficient clinical knowledge to consult CDS and communicate results back to the ordering professional.

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physician referencing Medicalis CDS portal

physicians looking at CDSM screen


How will Medicalis CDSM Help to Increase Operational Efficiency and Improve the Care Delivery Process for...

Your Institution?

Your Referring Physicians?

And for Your Patients?

  • Medicalis CDSM is flexible, so you can implement your own local standard of care and align the system with your own clinical system.
  • Medicalis CDSM system ensures PAMA compliance.
  • A variety of access options at the point of order entry is offered to accommodate your ordering physician’s workflow:
    • Intuitive Design
    • Minimal Interruptions
    • Advice Only When Needed
    • Fewer Clicks

To learn more about the Medicalis CDS Consult Portal and Analytics, visit the Siemens Healthineers website.

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