Supporting healthcare providers in the fight against this deadly pandemic.

We applaud our nation's healthcare facilities and the courageous efforts by frontline and support staff to contain COVID-19, and we are here to help.

The following imaging technology—while not specifically designed for COVID-19—is aimed at patient/staff safety, infection control and, ultimately, helping providers save lives. You can also click here for a variety of COVID-19 resources geared toward imaging and healthcare professionals.




A mobile X-ray designed for infection control

The Elara Max is a fully-hygienic mobile X-ray solution, with integrated cables and smooth/closed surfaces for sanitization—reducing the exposure of open crevices that can be difficult to clean.

  • Easy-to-clean with an antimicrobial coating.
  • The fully enclosed X-ray tube arm finds the right position quickly with 180 degrees of lateral arm movement, letting you reach right into spaces while keeping a safe distance from patients.

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ACUSON P500 Ultrasound

Point-of-care ultrasound to assist in critical care

The compact and powerful ACUSON P500™ equips providers with a powerful lineup of clinical applications right at the bedside.

  • A go-to platform to evaluate clinical manifestations, facilitate accurate diagnoses and assist in emergency and critical care procedures.
  • Speed up workflow with a user-friendly interface, integrated touch technology and quick boot-up times.

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Mobile Cios Spin C-arm

Expand your in-room lung imaging* options

The Cios Spin C-arm can visualize simple anatomy—whether patients are kept in their room or outside the hospital in critical care scenarios—as well as provide image guidance in complex surgical procedures.

  • Patients can be imaged in the room, decreasing risk of contamination between rooms and alleviating burden on resources required to handle patient movement/cleaning of fixed rooms.
  • Supports infection control measures with anti-microbial surfaces, specially developed hardware and a comprehensive cleaning concept.

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* Mobile C-arms should not be used to screen for or as a first-line test to diagnose COVID-19.

MULTIX Impact X-ray

Floor-mounted radiography system

The MULTIX Impact is a high-end fixed X-ray system that improves access to care and helps you provide robust diagnostic findings in good time.

  • The Positioning Guide makes it easy to prepare even complex scans quickly, while motorization and tracking features reduce the physical burden of imaging.
  • Offers fast digital imaging cycles, pre-configured organ programs and quick image flavor adjustments.

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Tablet operation enables mobile CT workflow, distancing

The SOMATOM go.Up is built on an innovative concept of mobile operation and workflow automation, delivering high-quality results irrespective of the operator or clinical area.

  • Bluetooth remote control complements the tablet operation by streamlining scanning and making workflow processes more efficient.
  • Zero-Click Reconstruction and ready-to-read technology saves time and cuts down on workflow steps.
  • Tablet operation helps providers maintain a safe distance throughout the procedure.

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syngo Virtual Cockpit

Supporting your toughest staff challenges

COVID-19 requires radiology leaders to rethink the way teams work. For providers facing staffing shortages and other challenges, Virtual Cockpit enables teams to maintain productivity through remote scanning assistance.

  • Expand the capabilities of expert technologists to all of your different locations without travel.
  • From basic to the most advanced procedures, you can provide the critical tests needed now and transform care delivery for improved care standardization.


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