Leadership Fundamentals: Preventing Burnout, Strengthening Morale and Boosting Productivity

by Cassling on Apr 5, 2024

AdobeStock_316428113-1 In today’s world, we hear the word “burnout” all too often. But can we blame our team members, and even ourselves, for feeling that way? Everyone is feeling overworked, tired and just plain worn out.

In this Cassling Leadership Institute session, we will explore hands-on strategies to help prevent burnout in our lives by addressing the psychosocial stresses we all face. Together, we will explore activities we can do to take stock on increasing our awareness on stressors and signs of burnout. We will learn about some contributing factors of burnout, wellness and productivity, and develop a compassion fatigue protection toolkit to be able to use in both your personal and professional lives. The session will wrap with a short meditation you can do by yourself moving forward. Times are tough and this may not cure burnout but it will offer some time to reflect and learn, while giving you a much needed mental boost.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define burnout and understand how it impacts your work
  • Perform an activity that can identify your own stressors
  • Identify strategies to reduce stress
  • Create your own compassion fatigue toolkit

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