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A Robotic Radiation Shielding Device for Electrophysiologic Procedures

by Cassling on Mar 1, 2024

Radiaction with Patient

Fluoroscopy-guided procedures are the leading source of occupational ionizing radiation exposure for electrophysiologic (EP) personnel. High cumulative doses of X-ray radiation might increase the risk for malignancies, early development of cataracts and orthopedic problems due to the heavy weight of lead aprons. Reducing high scatter radiation exposure during medical procedures is the principal task of many professional societies and advisory groups.

Radiaction is one potential solution. A recent clinical study evaluated the efficacy of the Radiaction Shielding System (RSS), designed to provide full-body protection to all medical personnel during fluoroscopy-guided procedures by encapsulating the imaging beam and blocking scatter radiation.

What they found? RSS may have an important role in full-body protection to all medical personnel from scattered radiation during electrophysiologic and cardiovascular implantable electronic device procedures.

Click here to download the full clinical study.

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