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by Cassling on Oct 25, 2021

Immer-360 MammoCassling is proud to announce its partnership with Comfort Health Solutions (CHS) to provide immersive, anxiety-reducing environmental experiences to diagnostic imaging patients of all ages.
 Diagnostic imaging is an important part of a patient’s journey through both health and illness. But their interaction with this highly technical, sophisticated equipment and process can be daunting and produce a high level of anxiety, even fear.

“Cassling is committed to alleviating that apprehension and improving the patient experience,” said Cassling CEO Mike Cassling. “Comfort Health Solution’s environmental solutions are game-changing.”

The award-winning company has developed an exclusive line of environmental theming and visual art products that transform the diagnostic imaging-patient experience in select healthcare settings around the globe.


Cassling offers Comfort Health Solutions products through its partnership with Siemens Healthineers, the exclusive provider of Comfort Health Solutions’ visual and atmospheric solutions.


“Comfort Health Solutions CEO David Mathieu is passionate about improving the patient experience,” said Cassling, “especially for pediatric patients and their families.”


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Comfort Health Solutions empowers patients in improving their health, minds and wellbeing by providing an anxiety-reducing, immersive patient environment. It improves the patient experience through the creation of positive, stress-relieving atmospheres and helps reduce the cost of healthcare through its environmental theming and cutting-edge visual technology.


Its revolutionary products include creatively designed, interactive projection systems, gantry skins and sculptures, MRI shielding, ambient lighting, murals, wall coverings and accessories.


Wallcoverings convert sterile imaging rooms into fantastical settings. CHS offers a library of designs or can work with clients on custom pieces. Full or partial gantry coverage complements the theme that works best in a particular environment, and 3D sculptures transport patients from the imaging suite to exotic settings like the rainforest or a tropical island. The sculptures can be free-standing or built to surround a gantry. CHS staff create fun and engaging murals with themes for a single room or entire department.




With the ImmerLight solution, patients can choose images that calm and comfort them, completely transforming the patient journey. The installation can convert a specific room or entire hospital experience for patients and their families. 


CHS’ projection and displays bring the entire suite to life. ImmerActive360 is an immersive, ever-changing experience that takes the patient’s mind out of the healthcare setting. And ImmerActive ambient lighting solution provides a calming wash of color in any room with colors and images of their choosing. Each panel is customized to fit within the space and can be controlled independently. 


CHS’ creative environments are a creative way to decrease procedural sedation, increase patient satisfaction and drive new referrals. These distinctive custom environments are changing the way healthcare is delivered – and experienced.


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Cassling is an Advanced Partner and authorized sales and service organization for Siemens Healthineers. Founded in 1984 by Bob Cassling and headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, the company is committed to offering comprehensive support to healthcare providers—including world-renowned diagnostic imaging equipment, 24/7 service, project management, marketing, continuing education and everything in between.

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About Comfort Health Solutions

Comfort Health Solutions is committed to helping patients worldwide to take charge of their health, minds, and well-being. CHS not only contributes to global patient health, but also to the reduction of healthcare costs through environmental theming and state-of-the-art visual technology. CHS provides stimulating patient environments and engaging content that contributes to illness management and creates a positive, nurturing atmosphere for the patient. Learn more at

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