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New Vs. Used Diagnostic Imaging Parts: 3 Things to Consider

by Joe Matthews on Jul 18, 2017

Maybe you remember it or you’ve caught it on YouTube: the Wendy’s commercial from the 1980s, featuring a non-Wendy’s fast food worker trying to sell a processed chicken sandwich by saying “parts is parts.” Just like Wendy’s believes processed chicken isn’t the same as a whole chicken breast, it's important to realize:

There’s also a difference between new and used diagnostic imaging equipment parts.

Before you decide on parts for your MRI, CT, C-arm or cath lab equipment, take note of three considerations—beyond the obvious “new” or “used” label—that will guide you on your parts purchasing path.

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Meet the Author

Joe Matthews is Vice President of Service at Cassling. He has more than 30 years of experience in imaging equipment service, including more than a decade as a Field Service Engineer. Joe currently works with customers throughout the Midwest to develop customized field service solutions.