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Kathy Osborne Celebrates 20 Years in the Family Business

When Account Executive Kathy Osborne was a kid, she visited a client hospital with her father, Ken Vetter, a man instrumental to the company’s initial success. While there, she got a firsthand look at the X-ray machines and other equipment that Cassling Diagnostic Imaging has been supplying to hospitals for upwards of... Read more

Retiring Engineer Exemplifies the Best of Cassling Service

Most people probably know Dan Spahn as a reliable, intelligent Field Service Engineer whom hospitals trust to handle any number of imaging equipment issues they encounter. Read more

For Former Sonographer, Work Ethic Born on the Ranch Translates Well to Business

Randy Wobig, Cassling Chief Information Officer, shares how he got started in the healthcare industry and about his transition into the corporate field. Read more

The ACUSON Sequoia Ultrasound

What if you could... Image every patient, no matter the size or weight? Get a fully focused B-mode image no matter the patient type? Get higher contrast longevity on the most difficult patients? Get real-time color flow every time without motion artifacts? Image and measure tissue stiffness deeper than ever before? Now you... Read more

Patients May Benefit as Sonography Becomes a Go-To Procedure

Advances in ultrasound technology, combined with hospitals looking to provide highly accurate yet affordable care to patients, have led to a shift in the way ultrasound is viewed. Exams are now being used to complement or even take the place of the types of diagnostic procedures that previously would have required an MRI,... Read more

Support Sonographers - Order Your Free Ultrasound Awareness Month Promo Materials

Celebrating the Sound of Healthcare Jazz up your celebration of sonographers during Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month with Cassling’s complimentary promotional posters, magnets and stickers! Cassling is excited to provide free, dedicated materials to help you recognize the important role of your sonographers this October... Read more

Cassling Begins Ultrasound Service: What That Means for Our Customers

For the first time, Cassling has extended its equipment service capabilities to the ultrasound space. At the beginning of this month, we announced that our customers will now receive preventive maintenance and service on their ultrasound units directly from Cassling. Previously, those duties were handled exclusively by... Read more


Achieve exceptional speed and precision to improve patient care and gain a stronger competitive edge. The MAGNETOM portfolio of MRI scanners from Siemens Healthineers offers a variety of field strengths and clinical advantages to support your specific requirements. Read more

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Jason Horst Celebrates 20 Years of Pristine Field Service

Customers are often in disbelief when they discover how quickly our Field Service Engineers get back to them about service issues. And that’s thanks largely in part to intelligent, hard-working individuals like Jason Horst. “Recently a new customer was skeptical about how quickly we would really respond to their service... Read more

Celebrating Independence Day, the Mike Cassling Way

To say Mike Cassling is celebrating with fireworks is an understatement.  Read more

Will Robots Run Radiology?

If you follow the latest trends and emerging technologies in healthcare, you have surely seen endless headlines about artificial intelligence (AI) in radiology. The buzz is well within reason. Artificial intelligence encompasses an extensive range of computerized technologies to solve problems in ways that imitate human... Read more

Customers Come First for Kevin Richardson, Field Service Engineer

For Kevin Richardson, Cassling Field Service Engineer, a vacation means something quite different from what it might mean to the rest of us. Read more

Price Transparency in Imaging: What You Need to Know

There’s perhaps no greater disconnect between providers and patients than when it comes to price transparency. Read more

'Sonographer approved': the ACUSON Juniper Ultrasound System

Higher patient volumes. Larger patient sizes. The need to simply do more with less.  We know there are many challenges you face in your practice. That's why we're so excited about new ultrasound technology from Siemens Healthineers to help you do more—and do it confidently.  Created with both form and function in mind, the... Read more

Bringing Ultrasound Best Practices to Your Front Door

In case you didn’t notice, we’re pretty big believers in the importance of education here at Cassling. Read more