Wobig or Go Home: CIO Celebrates 20 Years of Dependability

If you’re a Cassling team member, there’s no doubt you’ve encountered Randy Wobig. Whether he’s sending out emails about the latest IT security protocols, providing updates on the facility or traveling the halls of Cassling headquarters with a Green Bay coffee cup in his hand, Randy is someone whose reach extends to just... Read more

Analyzing Performance Issues & Leading the Right Way

So you want to talk about performance. That’s not a question. It’s a statement. You WANT to talk about performance. If you’re a healthcare manager or executive, you need to be giving your employees consistent and constructive feedback about their performance. Read more

After Twenty Years of Working at Cassling, Engineer is the ‘Radiology Whisperer’

At Cassling, we hold our Field Service Engineers (FSEs) to the highest standards. Our team is focused on achieving the maximum level of imaging equipment uptime and the best diagnostic results, because they know healthcare organizations are counting on us to help ensure an exceptional patient experience. Read more

The Imaging Equipment Service Playbook

Download this e-Book to learn: The 10 things to look for in an equipment service provider 20 questions to ask your prospective equipment service provider A real-life example to show the true impact of downtime on the bottom line An equation to calculate the cost of downtime without a service contract Tips on convincing... Read more

3D Breast Tomosynthesis ROI Calculator

With the addition of a 3D Digital Breast Tomosynthesis system, you’re able to bill for an additional CPT code in addition to the base mammogram procedure. That means you could be earning more revenue on every single exam. With this ROI calculator, determine how much revenue you could earn by upgrading to 3D Breast... Read more

Field Service Engineer Celebrates 20 Years of Heroics, Customer Service

Jason “JD” Dannenbring started with Cassling in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on the cusp of the new century in the summer of 1999. Throughout the past 20 years, he’s built a reputation for being a ‘go-to’ nuclear medicine guy, steady in his nature and eager to give back to his community. In fact, he’s even been known to help... Read more

Cassling Celebrates 35 Years of Imaging Excellence

Thirty-five years. Even as I write those words, it’s hard to believe it’s been that long since Cassling Diagnostic Imaging, or CDI, which later became Cassling, was formed. This July, we celebrate our 35th anniversary as a company, and I’m honored that I get do so surrounded by the many people who make our organization... Read more

Cassling Makes Waves with First Island Installation of CT System

Many considerations go into installing a new piece of imaging equipment. From facility planning and construction to system training and even marketing your new services, it's a long to-do list for imaging providers. Imagine, then, having to do all of that in isolation. In other words, on an island, surrounded by water.... Read more

by Andy Beer in CT

Service Engineers Give Tips on Making the Most of Your Imaging Service Contract

If you’ve purchased a service contract in order to maximize ROI on your imaging equipment, the next step will be working with your service team. We’ve partnered with hospitals, clinics and health systems throughout the Midwest to ensure equipment uptime. We’ve created service contracts for brand new imaging systems, entire... Read more

Flat Panel Detector Vs. Image Intensifier: What to Consider in a C-arm

When I’m talking with staff at ambulatory surgery centers or hospital surgical departments, one question I typically get is about the technology at the center of the C-arm system: “Should we go with a flat panel detector or an image intensifier?” Read more

Layne Oberto Marks 25 Years of Exceptional Customer Service with Cassling

Layne Oberto, Cassling Regional Service Manager, celebrated his 25th anniversary with Cassling on June 6. Read more

Sonographers: Reduce Pain and Strain with These Tips

You care about your patients. But who cares for you? As ultrasound technology progresses each year, one thing innovators increasingly turn their attention to is reducing strain on the sonographer. Things like cordless transducers, AI-enhanced sequencing and one-push controls have all been designed to improve the patient... Read more

OEM Service Contracts: The Ultimate Return on Investment

With every imaging equipment purchase comes an important question your team will need to answer: Do we purchase a service contract? While the response boils down to a relatively simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No,’ the ramifications are more complicated. For an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service contract to make sense, your... Read more

What’s New in Ultrasound Tech – 2019 Edition

While you weren’t looking, a lot has been happening in the field of ultrasound! Read more


Urology departments around the world rely on Siemens’ urology product portfolio of dedicated and mobile X-ray systems. Try the powerful Siemens Cios Alpha or Cios Fusion C-arm with IDI Table 100UCPlus for surgical versatility in urology. Read more