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Price Transparency in Imaging: What You Need to Know

There’s perhaps no greater disconnect between providers and patients than when it comes to price transparency. Read more

'Sonographer approved': the ACUSON Juniper Ultrasound System

Higher patient volumes. Larger patient sizes. The need to simply do more with less.  We know there are many challenges you face in your practice. That's why we're so excited about new ultrasound technology from Siemens Healthineers to help you do more—and do it confidently.  Created with both form and function in mind, the... Read more

Bringing Ultrasound Best Practices to Your Front Door

In case you didn’t notice, we’re pretty big believers in the importance of education here at Cassling. Read more

Ultrasound Research: Looking Beyond the Headlines

When I see a scary headline in the media—especially when it has to do with ultrasound—I feel it’s my obligation to educate the masses. Read more

Win an Ultrasound Lunch & Learn

Win a Lunch & Learn for your organization! Cassling is committed to educating the current and next generations of sonographers. We're also excited to celebrate a new era of Siemens ultrasound technology. That's why we're giving away an on-site ultrasound lunch & learn to an accredited healthcare institution.  Read more

Six Tips to Make the Most of Self-Learning CE Activities

We’re pretty big on education here at Cassling. Healthcare and imaging have undergone unprecedented change in recent years and, because this evolution shows no signs of slowing down, it’s critical that providers and healthcare workers of all kinds keep up with the latest advances. And the way to do that is through... Read more

Office-Based Labs

Build a successful office-based lab with help from Cassling and Siemens.  Managing an office-based lab (OBL) is no small undertaking. Cassling, an Advanced Partner of Siemens Healthineers, can provide the infrastructure and know-how to get you from inception to completion, so you can maximize your return on investment. Read more

Cassling Female Leaders Provide Important Advice

Cassling has embraced the presence of capable leaders who just so happen to be female. We've told you before about Michelle Loewenstein, who was among the first women in the world to service Siemens linear accelerators as a Field Service Engineer for Cassling. She exemplified leadership all those years ago and continues to... Read more

The Three Must-Haves of Any Office-Based Lab

Are you getting ready to open, or currently operating, an Office-Based Lab (OBL) or Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)? Read more

3 Key Steps To Ultrasound Fleet Standardization

With everything that’s been happening in the field of ultrasound, you might start to get a serious case of FOMO if you’re still using equipment that’s more than a few years old. Recently, the industry has turned its attention toward improved workflows, a better experience for the patient and a new level of ergonomic... Read more

2018 Brings Big Changes for X-ray Reimbursement

Reimbursement isn’t what it used to be. At the beginning of this year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) started applying a 7% penalty to all reimbursements for Computed Radiography (CR) exams. By all accounts, this hasn’t led to the widespread exodus away from CR systems that CMS was likely hoping would... Read more

What’s New in Ultrasound Tech – 2018 Edition

While you weren’t looking, a lot has been happening in the field of ultrasound! Read more

Digital X-ray

Maximize Revenue, Workflow and Patient Experience at Your Facility! Whether upgrading your facility from analog technology or preparing a lab setup that demonstrates efficiency, accuracy and patient comfort, Siemens Healthineers offers a number of choices for selecting your ideal radiography equipment. Read more

by Cassling in X-ray

Jerry Brings World-Class Technical Expertise to Cassling Service

A friendly nature, strong sense of duty and remarkable intelligence have shaped enduring customer relationships for this Cassling Field Service Engineer, who has more than three decades of experience. Read more

Preparing for Double-digit Annual Growth of Minimally Invasive Surgeries

According to a 2014 study by Transparency Market Research, the growth rate for the global market of minimally invasive procedures is expected to grow annually by 10.5 percent through the year 2019. Read more