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Bundled Payments: Moving from Mandatory to Optional

Last month, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed drastically altering participation requirements for several bundled payment programs. The agency recommended curbing mandatory involvement in the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) Model—suggesting that only 34 geographic areas be required... Read more

Managing a Multigenerational Workforce

With four generations now in the workforce, and one more joining soon, understanding how to manage a multigenerational workforce has become more important than ever. Each generation ticks a little differently. All groups have preferred ways of communicating, learning, and receiving feedback, which makes managing a... Read more

What Single Payer Healthcare Means for Providers

How quickly things change. From one vote away from the so-called “skinny” repeal of the Affordable Care Act to a proposed revolution of the current healthcare system, healthcare providers are getting whiplash right about now. Read more

Nebraska Joins Others in Enacting Breast Density Notification Law

This past April, Nebraska became the 32nd state to pass a law related to breast density notification. Beginning on July 24, 2017, all physicians throughout the state became required to inform their patients when a mammogram detects the presence of dense breasts. In enacting Cheri’s Law, so named after a breast cancer... Read more

How Mobile CT Workflows Are Transforming the Imaging Experience

For imaging professionals, conducting a CT scan is an everyday occurrence. But for patients, the very same procedure can be rare enough to cause anxiety, particularly if their future health rests on the results they receive. Historically, the CT experience has put barriers between the practitioner and the patient. Imagine:... Read more

The Secret to Reducing Stress in Healthcare

As an imaging professional, you know stress.  Healthcare, after all, is a 24/7 industry.  Even as workloads rise, you likely face constant pressure to improve your efficiency and service. Read more

Five Essential Tips for a Better Patient Experience

The patient experience is the bedrock of any healthcare practice. It's the cornerstone of loyalty. Quality experiences are what keep patients coming back. Read more

Cassling President Addresses Company’s Past, Present, Future

Recently, Mike Cassling announced our new organizational structure, which separates the role of President and CEO. Mike is and will continue to be our CEO and intends to remain as the chief customer-facing executive in the organization—working with you and Siemens Healthineers to strengthen our relationships even further. ... Read more

Rad Tech Week, Ultrasound Awareness Month: How to Celebrate

Shining a Spotlight on Your Imaging Cast and Crew Throughout October, the medical community celebrates Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month (MUAM), followed quickly by National Rad Tech Week from November 5 through 11. Read more

Right Thinking or Positive Thinking?

After speaking at a convention, I typically have two or three people come up to me and say that I must be a very positive thinker. They are typically surprised when I respond by saying, “No, I definitely am not!” Considering that I am a motivational speaker, you may be scratching your head and curious as to why. I do enjoy... Read more

Hospital Tech Proposals – 7 Best Practices to Wow Execs

Surgeons love the machine. The clinical data is strong. The finances make sense. Now comes the most important part: convincing your executive team to approve the expenditure, with a hospital tech proposal that’s irresistible to even the most cost-conscious board.  But where do you even begin?  Read more

Part II: Healthcare Reform Beyond the ACA

Last week, healthcare reform expert Stuart Clark shared with Cassling readers some common  questions and answers related to the American Health Care Act (AHCA) as a follow-up to Cassling’s recent webinar, when he presented The Advisory Board’s “Healthcare State of the Union.” Click here to read part one of his blog. This... Read more

Part I: Healthcare Reform Beyond the ACA

The healthcare industry is entering the next era of healthcare reform, which will center on hospital and health system leaders transforming the delivery system to meet two profound and lasting market evolutions: population health and consumerism. During Cassling’s recent webinar, I had the pleasure of presenting The... Read more

Using Our Hands for Good

I had the distinct honor of hearing the incredible journeys of eight high school seniors who overcame adversity through courage and hope during last week's DJ's Hero Awards luncheon hosted by The Salvation Army in Omaha, Nebraska. To me, hope is a belief in a better, more positive outcome and is inspired by seeing these... Read more

What Imaging Providers Must Know to Survive in Today's Healthcare Landscape

No one can argue that the healthcare landscape is continually changing. The House just voted to significantly change the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In the coming days, we can settle in for the long and painstaking process to determine exactly what this means. Whether a consumer, healthcare professional or one of thousands... Read more