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Remote Proctor & Consult on Procedures In Real Time

Are you looking for new ways to train your interventionalists and clinic staff, or collaborate on-demand with experts across the world? Meet Alta. 

A Cassling partner, Alta enables flawless peer-to-peer collaboration for interventionalists, streamlines workflows by providing remote views of the lab, and serves as an invaluable training tool for your practice.


What Is Alta?

The Alta Immersion Box and Alta Studio Software seamlessly integrate into your interventional lab’s daily workflow. Designed by providers for providers, with vendor agnostic hardware integration, Alta is the premier interventional video suite.

Featuring diagnostic imaging feeds and live footage accessible via any Zoom-enabled device, you can use Alta all day, every day, without any set-up burden.


Remote Collaboration with the Click of a Button

Improve patient outcomes by communicating with physicians and healthcare associates outside your lab and across the world in real time. Provide a safety net for new physicians, allow attending physicians to better observe their fellows, and remove the stress of an overcrowded procedural area.

Alta Studio

Rewind in Real-time

Alta Rewind lets you replay any part of your case (or the entire case) for training with other physicians and clinical staff. Give interventionalists peace of mind and ensure best practices knowing you have the ability to review each action taken.

Medical Team at Computer

Build Your Clinical Library

With the Alta case library, you can access all past recorded procedures with easy-to-use bookmarks for educational research, topic review and case studies. You can also build your own practice-specific library for long-term success.

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Permanent Installation

The Alta infrastructure is invisible and permanently installed, posing no burden to your current clinical workflows. You can retrofit Alta into a fully operational lab in as little as 8 hours, ensuring you’re up and running with no delay to your schedule.


Automatic PHI Anonymization

Alta automatically protects your patient information by anonymizing any of the 18 HIPAA identifiers from all lab video sources, without obscuring any valuable measurements or procedural data. Alta is committed to privacy – no data stored or streamed from an Alta system contains any PHI whatsoever.

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See where Alta can fit into your current workflows.

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