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Artis zee floor

The floor-mounted Artis zee, available with small or large detector, provides positioning flexibility even in very small rooms

Artis zee ceiling

The Artis zee ceiling mounted system allows easy patient access and full body coverage from all sides.

Artis zee biplane

The Artis zee biplane with two small, two large or mixed detectors provides excellent biplane imaging from head to toe. It supports two isocentric imaging positions, including a second working position for free head-side access.

Artis zee multi-purpose

The Artis zee multi-purpose system features a flexible architecture with versatile clinical applications for performing angiography and fluoroscopy examinations.

Superior Image Quality. Same Ultra-Low Dose

See details more CLEARly and MAXimize accuracy thanks to CLEAR MAX technology. The newest innovation from Siemens Healthineers provides better visualization of small vessels, devices, tissue, and bones with zero increase in dose levels.*

CLEAR MAX gives you the ability to diagnose and treat patients accurately, at your preferred balance of image quality and contrast.

*Compared to previous software version

PURE ® Confidence

Artis zee is a proven and reliable system that delivers optimal image quality at lowest dose, letting you optimize your procedure mix and invest with confidence.

It is equipped with industry-leading imaging technology, unique dose management tools and the latest clinical applications based on the innovative PURE ® platform.

  • Deliver optimal image quality
  • Broaden your procedure mix
  • Invest with confidence

Synchronized Detector Rotation

Both the flat panel detector and the collimator are synchronized and always in line with the table. No matter how you rotate the table or the C-arm, the linear adjustment at any angulation ensures you always see an upright image.

The rotating flat detector and collimator allow an optimum level of patient access and provide superb anatomical coverage. Controlled at both the tableside and the detector housing itself, the rotation allows operation in landscape or portrait mode as well as any angle in between*, ideal for arm angiograms while maintaining a heads-up display on the monitor.

*Artis zee multipurpose system allows only landscape or portrait mode


Intuitive Tableside Operation

Artis zee features configurable, intuitive and easy-to-use syngo icons. The complete system can be controlled from the tableside with the ergonomically designed touch screen and the mouse-like joystick. The mouse-like control is easy to operate and, with its modular design, can be flexibly positioned to maximize operator comfort. The slimline control module lets the operator to get closer to the table and allows easy patient access.

3D Menu Workflow

The menu-driven workflow enables FAST acquisition and display of 3D images. To improve efficiency, the system automatically moves into the start position, eliminating the time-consuming need for the operator to select the position manually. High-contrast 3D results are available in real time, and soft tissue results become available in less than a minute.

Improve Your Workflow with “IsoTilt”

A single press of a button enables outstanding functionality. “IsoTilt” keeps the projection during Trendelenburg tilting and eliminates the need for time- and dose-consuming readjustments.

Artis zee Wireless Footswitch

With our well-established wireless footswitch, you gain more flexibility as an operator, easier cleaning of the footswitch and the floor, and no broken cables due to carts rolling over them.

Technical Details

Artis zee supports a broad range of applications for cardiac, interventional radiology, neuro and surgical procedures.

You need a high degree of flexibility to accommodate various clinical disciplines in one room. Artis zee is therefore available as a floor, ceiling, zeego or biplane system, as well as a multipurpose system.

Floor-mounted system

The floor-mounted Artis zee, available with a small or large detector, is the ideal solution for routine, providing fast movement and steep angulations. Its C-arm can be conveniently positioned around the table for head-to-toe coverage of the patient:

  • Right-side for pacemaker implantation
  • Head-side for abdominal procedures
  • Left-side for standard peripheral procedures.

Its compact and slimline C-arm design has a small footprint, requires minimal room preparation work, and can fit into an interventional examination room size of only 270 square feet.


Maximizing coverage and positioning flexibility with MULTISPACE.F

MULTISPACE.F allows for additional examination positions. The stand rotation enables free positioning of the C-arm and table relative to one another, providing flexibility and comfort in positioning no matter if the table is rotated to the right, to the left, or extended in the patient transfer position.


Ceiling-mounted system

Artis zee ceiling-mounted systems provide the highest positioning flexibility with the largest patient coverage. The C-arm can be conveniently positioned around the patient’s left-, right- or head-side, as well as any angle in between, enabling optimum patient access.

Siemens Healthineers’s unique InFocus and IsoTilt maintain the projection angle during stand rotation and during table tilting. In addition, the system provides uncompromised soft-tissue imaging of syngo DynaCT from the left-side to cover the patient’s lower abdomen.

The Artis zee ceiling offers extended parking capabilities far away from the table, providing free access to the patient.


Biplane system

The Artis zee biplane system combines high performance and positioning flexibility, supporting two isocentric imaging positions. This is made possible by a floor rotation point with motorized swivel from head-end to left-side. The result is optimum access to the patient’s head as well as extensive coverage from head to toe in biplane imaging mode.

The Artis zee biplane system is available with two small, two large or mixed detectors.


Compact and rotating biplane detectors

The Artis zee biplane system provides fast, easy handling and streamlined workflow by combining compact and rotating detectors in both planes, including lateral detector rotation that tracks the table as it tilts. The compact and rotating detectors enable virtually unrestricted patient access while offering outstanding angulation and exceptional coverage capabilities.


Positioning flexibility in single plane mode

The Artis zee C-arm can be easily moved from the imaging to the park position without interfering with the work of the anesthesiologist at the tableside. Additionally, the system features MULTISPACE.F for further enhanced positioning of the C-arm relative to the table using stand rotation. System functions can be operated from the tableside with the user interface or via voice control depending on your clinical needs.


Artis zeego

Bring unparalleled flexibility to your operating room and interventional suite. This unique robotic technology enables smoother, swifter and trouble-free patient positioning and execution of procedures. Enhance your reputation and safeguard the future of your investment with the cutting-edge procedures enabled by unique flexibility and unmatched on-the-spot imaging capabilities.


Multi-purpose system

The Artis zee multi-purpose system is ideally suited to handle the diverse imaging needs of today’s clinics, including R/F examinations, outpatient angiography and pediatric imaging.

Artis zee provides excellent support for a broad spectrum of diagnostic and interventional procedures. It combines innovative imaging technologies such as 2k imaging with highly practical and user-friendly handling features. The Artis zee multi-purpose is available as a right-side suspension for Interventionnal Radiology and as a left-side suspension for the special needs of endoscopic applications in gastroenterology.


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