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Redefining Computed Tomography

NAEOTOM Alpha® with Quantum Technology is the world’s first photon-counting CT, representing nothing less than the total reinvention of computed tomography.

Based on the revolutionary direct signal conversion of its QuantaMax detector, NAEOTOM Alpha offers high-resolution images at minimal dose, spectral information in every scan, and improved contrast at lower noise.

The NAEOTOM Alpha offers a range of clinical options and breakthrough consistency never seen before, enabling confident clinical decision-making and the potential to scan patients you previously would have had to exclude.

High resolution at low dose

With a slice thickness of .4 mm and in-plane resolution of .24 mm in standard scan protocols, NAEOTOM Alpha provides an impressive level of detail at full dose efficiency.

  • High resolution in all standard native protocols
  • High resolution in all standard CT angiography protocols 
  • High level of detail for evaluating fine structures in all anatomical areas

Ultra-High Resolution at Standard Dose

With Quantum High Resolution scan mode, NAEOTOM Alpha delivers remarkable spatial resolution of .11 mm (in-plane) and a slice thickness of .2 mm.

  • Unmatched resolution both in-plane and cross-plane to evaluate fine lesions and
    anatomical structures such as pulmonary nodules, cerebral vessels and osseous

High Resolution in Cardiac Imaging

Using conventional CT, the limit for high-resolution images in cardiac CT is .6 mm slice thickness (without using comb filters). NAEOTOM Alpha pushes this limit to .4 mm while retaining a remarkable temporal resolution of 66 ms and maintaining full dose efficiency to reveal impressive details in coronary vessels.

  • See small details in coronary CTA
  • Identify more details in coronary plaque evaluation

Patient reach. Unlocked.

NAEOTOM Alpha offers spectral imaging independent of scan speed and of temporal or spatial resolution, redefining which patient populations you can address with CT.

NAEOTOM Alpha makes it possible to confidently examine previously excluded patients, perform scans that were not practicable before and increase follow-up frequency if desired.

More clinical options. More opportunities for growth.


PURE Lumen

The artifacts resulting from calcifications in arteries can make the valuation of the true lumen of a vessel impossible. PURE Lumen removes these calcifications based on the spectral information contained in every voxel of the image.

  • Evaluate even heavily calcified vessels 
  • Create virtual non-calcium maps 
  • Perform coronary CTA exams in patients with high CaScore

Low-Dose Performance

The QuantaMax detector can completely eliminate electronic noise, leading to improved signal- to-noise ratio that can be utilized to significantly reduce dose. All this while still delivering high resolution and spectral information in each scan.

  • Noise-free images even in low-dose applications
  • Further reduce dose for screening and dose-sensitive patients
  • Retrospective spectral evaluation of incidental findings in screening scans

Improved Image Contrast — Potential Reduction of Contrast Media Volume

With a contrast-to-noise ratio significantly higher than electron-integrating detectors, NAEOTOM Alpha improves visibility of anatomies enhanced by contrast media. Monoenergetic images can be used to further enhance the contrast.

  • Visualize enhancement in fine anatomical structures
  • Potentially reduce the amount of contrast media

Meaningful answers. Uncompromised. 

Deciding before a scan which information is most relevant? A relic of the past. The NAEOTOM Alpha redefines clinical decision-making by providing all relevant CT results with one single scan.

Deduct powerful answers for patients and referring physicians.

No regrets. No compromises.

Spectral Imaging at Dual Source Temporal Resolution

As a Dual Source system, NAEOTOM Alpha provides a temporal resolution down to 66 ms. Offering the full range of spectral imaging evaluation at this speed paves the way for diagnostic procedures that were previously unthinkable.

  • Spectral imaging for cardiac scans
  • Evaluate coronary arteries and get spectral maps (e.g., iodine concentration) in the same scan

Spectral Imaging at High Spatial Resolution

With NAEOTOM Alpha, spectral maps are available with more detail than ever before — down to a slice thickness of .4 mm. This enables functional evaluation with high precision.

  • Detect fine lesions in the liver 
  • Evaluate spectral bone marrow edema 
  • Evaluate lung perfusion defects based on detailed iodine maps

Spectral Imaging at Turbo Flash Speeds

As a Dual Source system, NAEOTOM Alpha scans at a maximum pitch of 3.2. Even at the highest scan speed, the system delivers results with full spectral imaging analysis options.

Spectral imaging:

  • For high-pitch CTA exams
  • In patients who cannot hold their breath
  • In pediatric patients without sedation

Consistent precision. Unvaried.

NAEOTOM Alpha redefines diagnostic consistency by providing monoenergetic images as the standard image type for every scan. Perform numerical measurements that are independent from the selected scan parameters — and build your clinical decisions on standardized results throughout the patient journey.

NAEOTOM Alpha is the ticket to true precision medicine and a fundamental step toward better data for potential AI applications down the line. Consistent results. Every scan. Every time.


Monoenergetic Images as Default Image Type

For every scan, NAEOTOM Alpha produces monoenergetic images independent of scan parameters, allowing radiologists to tailor exams to the needs of the patient without compromising on consistency or comparability.

  • Analyze, evaluate and compare scans using ideal monoenergetic images for the clinical question at hand

Stable Hounsfield Values

Moving toward quantitative CT evaluation and radiomics, radiologists and referrers need to rely on the stability of their measurements. Photon-counting CT provides this stability in contrast to conventional computed tomography.

  • Rely on quantitative and reproducible HU measurements even in low-dose scans

Intuitive Operation. Uncomplicated.

NAEOTOM Alpha redefines how sophisticated CT technology can be utilized. It marks the first time Siemens Healthineers provides proven usability features in a premium, high-end CT. The system supports and guides users throughout the scanning workflow, while AI-enabled solutions help radiologists when reading cases.

Unleash the full power of NAEOTOM Alpha, safeguard consistency at high quality levels, and deduct powerful answers for patients and referrers. Powerful technology. Easy to use.

Technical Details

X-ray tubes 2 x Vectron X-ray tubes
Detector 2 x QuantaMax photon-counting CT detectors
Number of acquired slices 2 x 144 slices
mA Up to 1,300 mA
Temporal resolution Down to 66 ms
kV 90, 120, 140 kV
Sn100, Sn140 kV
z-coverage 144 x 0.4 mm
120 x 0.2 mm (UHR)
Spatial resolution 0.11 mm (in-plane) in UHR mode
Power 2 x 120 kW
Table load Up to 676 lbs (307 kg)
Speed Up to 737 mm/s (with Turbo Flash)

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