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Drive precision for all with a Dual Source CT scanner

Patients of all ages, sizes and conditions arrive in your facility daily, and you’re measured by how effectively you can care for each of them. They and their referring physicians need fast, clinically accurate information.

From Siemens Healthineers, the SOMATOM Drive Computed Tomography (CT) scanner with Dual Source technology boosts your performance, empowers your routines and expands your capabilities. Reach a higher level of clinical confidence in your images across many different case types while still meeting your efficiency goals.

Features & Benefits

Drive precision for your patients

Consistent image quality at low dose: The SOMATOM Drive Dual Source CT scanner is the ideal choice for all clinical disciplines. See for yourself how you can individualize treatment for every patient.

Drive precision for pediatrics and urgent care

Eliminate breathing and motion artifacts without increasing dose thanks to high-pitch Turbo Flash mode at low kV.

Drive precision for critical care

Boost vascular imaging even for renal-impaired patients and potentially reduce contrast media with low kV imaging and Dual Power modes.

Drive precision in orthopedics

Advance your orthopedic capabilities with Tin Filter scanning and benefit from significant dose savings.

Drive precision in bariatrics

Scan bariatric patients even with renal impairment with the 78 cm bore, unique HD FoV and Dual Power modes.

Drive precision for your environment

SOMATOM Drive supports you in simplifying routines, optimizing performance and accelerating workflows. See how you can easily standardize your quality of care thanks to a single-operator concept.

Safeguard correct and consistent patient positioning

FAST Integrated Workflow is a combination of unique solutions, including the FAST 3D Camera, Touch Panels and Advanced Applications, that allow:

  • Highly accurate patient positioning
  • Consistent image quality and dose
  • Improved workflow speed
  • Staff to stay close to their patients

Automation drives precision in challenging environments

Support precise patient positioning regardless of who is performing the scan thanks to full and semi- automated FAST and CARE features.

Automation drives precision in overburdened environments

Advance reading capabilities with reduction of metal artifacts (iMAR) and automatically aligned and labeled spinal images (FAST Spine).

Drive precision for your business needs

A CT scanner that is versatile and ready for the future: The Dual Source technology in SOMATOM Drive may advance new clinical fields and introduce new technologies into clinical practice.

Stellar Infinity detector with integrated iterative reconstruction

StellarInfinity detectors with integrated iterative reconstruction (IR) drive a new level of integration of software and hardware. The high resolution of the Stellar Infinity detectors creates excellent image quality with reduced noise.

CARE Screen with Tin Filter

The CARE Screen with Tin Filters on both tubes allows you to lower the dose while maintaining image quality. The filters optimize the X-ray spectrum by filtering out the parts of the X-ray beam that are rarely useful for imaging. This combination of low doses and high diagnostic reliability makes SOMATOM Drive ideal for future applications such as spinal diagnostics and orthopedic examinations.

Straton® MX Sigma X-ray tubes and Sigma generators

SOMATOM Drive is equipped with the new Straton® MX Sigma X-ray tube and Sigma generators and High Power 70 & High Power 80 that enable low dose scanning while freezing motion at maximum speed. It’s optimized for low kV imaging to reduce scan time while maintaining exceptional image quality. SOMATOM Drive uses the power of both tubes for fast scanning.

Unique 10 kV Steps

SOMATOM Drive with Dual Source technology is equipped with unique 10 kV Steps. With CARE kV, this allows a precise user-independent kV selection. That allows optimum image quality and precise dose for more patients.


Superfast Scanning

SOMATOM Drive delivers 2 x 100 kW generator power that achieves precise imaging for any patient. With both tubes complimenting each other (even at low kV), a high table feed, ultra-fast data transmission, and a gantry that can perform a full rotation in 0.28 seconds, you can enable Superfast Scanning with SOMATOM Drive.


Adaptive 4D Spiral

The Adaptive 4D Spiral achieves whole-brain and whole-organ coverage for perfusion imaging and enables low-dose CT angiography and dynamic CT diagnostic confidence with 4D imaging that exceeds the detector width. Act faster and be more confident in your treatment decisions than ever before. The new Adaptive 4D Spiral visualizes vascular flow or anatomical motion with up to 48 cm dynamic coverage on SOMATOM Drive.


Power Buffer

With a single high-power input converted to dual high-power output, the new Power Buffer helps provide access to Dual Source technology where infrastructure has previously been a limitation.


Technical Details

Scanner type Dual Source
Detectors StellarInfinity
Max. scan speed 458 mm/s
In-plane temp.-res. 75 ms
Rotational coverage 131 mm/rot
kV steps 70 – 140 kV @ 10 kV Steps
mA @ 70 kV, 80 kV 650 mA, 750 mA
Spatial resolution 0.30 mm
Table load up to 307 kg / 676 lbs*
Gantry opening 78 cm
Generator power 200 kW (2 x 100 kW)
Slice acquisition 2 x 128

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