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Stand Out in Advanced CT Procedures

To keep your business growing in a highly competitive market, you need to improve patient experience and expand your clinical portfolio. 

Make CT diagnostics personal with the SOMATOM go.Top CT system. Siemens Healthineers has upgraded its successful CT scanner with a unique Mobile Workflow and smart tools that help you stay with your patients longer and provide closer care. 

Easily cover the full clinical spectrum and adapt your workflow to every clinical need. SOMATOM go.Top offers AI-powered scan automation and a variety of innovations, with the image quality and dose reduction technologies you expect from a Siemens Healthineers product. 

Spend less time in the control room and more time with your patient 
In a standard CT imaging work environment, techs spend most of their time in the control room. With the unique mobile workflow of SOMATOM go.Top, you can stay close to your patients and put them at ease.

Transform care delivery with new patient pathways
When every patient and clinical interaction is slightly different, you need fast and easy adaptation to succeed. Confidently offer advanced CT scan procedures that adapt to each type of patient. With SOMATOM go.Top, you can turn challenging clinical fields into daily routine.
Improve patient experience with trendsetting workflows 
Patient expectations have increased, and patients are more vocal about their healthcare experience. With the mobile workflow of SOMATOM go.Top, your patients receive personal attention and come away with a more positive opinion of their clinical experience.

myExam Companion: Intelligence that works with you

myExam Companion launches a new era of intelligent imaging. Digitalization turns data into built-in expertise, helping you efficiently achieve reproducible results by unlocking your modality’s full potential automatically.
myExam Companion guides you through any procedure so you can interact easily and naturally with both patient and technology. No matter the user, patient or throughput, it allows personalized imaging for precise dose and contrast media optimization, reducing unwarranted variations and providing consistent results for an enhanced diagnostic experience.


Mobile Workflow: A new working experience

From the tablet to the remote control, gantry-mounted injector arm, camera, and the gentle voice and sound design, the SOMATOM go.Top CT scanner with myExam Companion offers smart solutions that help you focus on each patient and make your own working experience enjoyable too.

Technical Details

Slices 128
Rotation time up to 0.33 s
Tube 7.0 MHU (17.5 MHU equivalent value)2
Power 75 kW (187 kW equivalent value with SAFIRE2)
High voltage 70 - 140 kV in 10 kV steps, Sn100, Sn110, Sn120, Sn130, Sn140
mA up to 825 mA (2.06 A equivalent value with SAFIRE2)
z-coverage 64 x 0.6 mm
Max. table load up to 307 kg

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