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Unlock Dual Source CT. Everywhere

Far too few patients currently receive high-quality CT imaging for a conclusive diagnostic assessment1

The SOMATOM Pro.Pulse CT scanner with Dual Source technology delivers the temporal resolution and scan speed needed to reduce motion artifacts in challenging patients, while myExam Companion enhances the scanning experience for both users and patients.  

Achieve operational excellence with the SOMATOM Pro.Pulse from Siemens Healthineers. 

The Dual Source Difference

With two tubes and two detectors, the one-of-a-kind Dual Source technology from Siemens Healthineers provides the power, speed and precision needed to scan without motion artifacts with no need for beta-blockers, even for patients with high and irregular heart rates. 


ZeeFree: Optimal cardiac scans

Image stacks of the heart can sometimes be misaligned due to patients breathing during the scan. But ZeeFree, a reconstruction feature, uses smart algorithms to automatically align the image stacks for optimal cardiac images. 


Intelligent imaging guidance

The intelligent guidance from myExam Companion helps users confidently perform CT examinations from routine to the most advanced scans, such as cardiac or stroke  enhancing operation standardization at your institution. 


Enhanced patient experience and user confidence

The world’s first gantry-integrated FAST 3D Camera is powered by AI and facilitates precise patient positioning, while the CARE Moodlight indicates the progress of a scan to users and creates a calming atmosphere for patients in the scan room.  

Using intuitive color-coded commands, CARE Breathe provides visual guidance for patients on when to hold their breath, and the CARE 2D Camera helps users monitor a patient during a scan. 


Cost-efficient installation

Air-cooling allows for easy installation without structural changes. The gantry-mounted FAST 3D camera can be easily attached to the front cover, and because the power generator is integrated into the gantry, there is no need for a technical room. 


Robust, efficient X-ray tube

The AthlonTM X-ray tube in the SOMATOM Pro.Pulse is one of the most robust and efficient tubes from Siemens Healthineers. Also, its high tube power reserves of 825 mA, even at 70 kV, allow you to considerably reduce contrast media and thus examination costs. 


Features & Benefits

  • Gantry-integrated FAST 3D camera for precise patient positioning 

  • Tablets and remote control for a flexible mobile workflow 

  • CARE Breathe provides intuitive color-coded guidance for breath-holds 

  • CARE 2D camera allows patient monitoring during a scan 

  • CARE Moodlight creates a calming atmosphere and indicates the progress of a scan 

Technical Details

Detectors 2x Stellar detector based on Multislice UFC (Ultra Fast Ceramic) 
X-ray tubes 2x Athlon® DS X-ray tubes 
Number of acquired slices 128 acquired slices (2 x 64) 
Rotation time 0.33 s, 0.5 s, 1.0 s 
Temporal resolution Up to 86 ms 
Generator power 150 kW (2 x 75 kW) 
kV settings 70-140 kV at 10 kV Steps 
Spatial resolution 0.6 mm slice thickness 
Max. scan speed 372 mm/s 
Table load 07 kg / 676 lbs table load
Gantry opening 70 cm

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