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Women deserve fewer maybes

There shouldn't be anything inconclusive about breast cancer screening – and yet that's the reality for too many women.

It’s time to change that.

Meet the MAMMOMAT B.brilliant, a whole new mammography system that brings you the next generation of mammography. Experience a completely new design that's focused entirely on the patient and the mammographer.




Women deserve fewer maybes in mammography.

Women deserve answers.

The MAMMOMAT B.brilliant is designed to provide you with more insights than ever before, for more definitive results, faster.1

Women deserve comfort.

Combined with exceptional accuracy, you can offer your patients more comfort, with personalized compression and a uniquely calming environment.

Women deserve access.

There should be nothing exclusive about breast screening. That’s why the system offers high reliability and a low total cost of ownership, helping you make mammography more accessible to the women in your community.

Women deserve clarity.

Whether it’s devices that are unavailable for adjunct examinations or the transfer time between exams, the processes and modalities involved in diagnostic clarification have traditionally led to unnecessary delays and interruptions. This can cause patient recalls, long examination periods or deferred therapy decisions.

As a system that offers Titanium Contrast-Enhanced Mammography (TiCEM), the MAMMOMAT B.brilliant provides quick and easy access to supplemental modalities for precise diagnostic clarification in mammography. The MAMMOMAT B.brilliant is a modular, customizable and future-ready mammography platform that brings together valuable features to help create convenient workflows and increase accuracy and speed.

By helping to reduce time and effort in diagnostic exams, the MAMMOMAT B.brilliant aims for more certainty and convenience in all mammography-based applications – and fast therapy decisions for your patients.

ComfortGuide Display

More transparent processes during the examination

Patient and workflow information are always in sight on a screen at eye level – including next workflow steps, information on compression and system movement, breast thickness, and more.

  • Patient information at eye level

  • Unique communication tool for patients and technologists

  • Information on current and upcoming workflow steps



Independent movement, easy patient access

ComfortMove significantly improves technologists’ ergonomics. Thanks to the independent movement of the tube unit from the detector, you can easily access your patient during the MLO positioning process – without having to bend under the tube unit. An additional work light and positioning laser provide even more support for accurate positioning.

  • Easier and optimized patient positioning
  • More freedom of movement for mammographers and patients
  • Reduce repetitive stress injuries for mammographers

Optimized face shield

Create more stability and comfort for patients

The optimized face shield allows the patient to lean in to the unit, allowing you to get more posterior tissue.

  • Enhance patient comfort during exams
  • Get optimal images thanks to stabilized patient positioning

SoftComp Paddles

Paddles designed for ultimate comfort, curved in the right places to alleviate pressure points for patients. The curves allow easier access to position the breast for the technologist.



Personalized compression

Automatic, optimized and personalized breast compression for increased patient comfort and image quality.



MoodLight helps to reduce anxiety and improves the mammography experience by creating a welcoming and soothing atmosphere for your patients.


PRIME Technology

Progressive Reconstruction, Intelligently Minimizing Exposure

A software-based anti-scatter solution for mammography. Reduce the dose considerably without compromising image quality compared to grid-based acquisition using the same system.2


TiCEM - Titanium Contrast-Enhanced Mammography

Stay at the forefront of clinical developments

The MAMMOMAT B.brilliant offers you a quick and easy pathway to contrast-enhanced mammography with TiCEM. This feature allows for fast identification of potential cancers and rules out inconclusive lesions on the MAMMOMAT B.brilliant – all while avoiding the extra time and cost of an MRI scan thanks to the optimized titanium filter.

  • Improves diagnostic confidence
  • Optimized workflows
  • Future-ready platform

Technical Details

Low dose technology PRIME technology: software solution to replace anti-scatter grid for up to 20% dose savings in FFDM2
Dose levels OpDose – five different exposure parameters for optimized patient dose
Patient experience:
Patient grip Optimized grip for a secure hold while avoiding too much tension
Optimized face shield Detachable and transparent face shield allowing the patient to rest their head comfortably
Ambient lighting MoodLight helps to reduce anxiety and improves the patient experience
Compression paddles SoftComp Paddles are curved in all the right places to accommodate breasts of any size while alleviating pressure points
Compression Personalized; automated compression to increase comfort
Compression speed SoftSpeed slows the paddle down when it senses resistance for more gradual compression
Patient breathing Complete free-breathing acquisitions
ComfortMove ComfortMove automatically moves the gantry and tube position in concert with the technologist to alleviate repetitive stress injuries
ComfortGuide Eye level digital display showing exam information and next workflow steps.
One-Click positioning Automatically move gantry from one projection position to another with single touch of a button
System start-up time < 5 minutes
Swivel range +180° to -180°, motorized isocentric rotation with preselectable rotation angle
Breast density measurements Volumetric measurement is automatically calculated and visible at AWS after the first view. Available as an option.
Adjustable table height 66 cm (26“) to 154.5 cm (60.8“) 
Specifications Amorphous Selenium (aSe); 24 cm × 30 cm (9.5“ × 12“)
Cooling No wait time
Calibration Once every 3 months

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MAMMOMAT B.brilliant is not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed.

Any technical data contained on this website may vary within defined tolerances. Original images always lose a certain amount of detail when reproduced. 

1 Data on file 

2 White paper: Fieselman et al. (2013): Physic of Medical Imaging