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Bring high-quality care to more patients.

The Biograph™ Horizon from Siemens Healthineers gives you the flexibility to address a wide variety of clinical indications while introducing new efficiencies and cost savings. Designed with technologies that set the standard in PET/CT, the Biograph Horizon offers you premium performance at an attractive level of investment.


Technical Details

Bore diameter 78 cm
Tunnel length 136 cm
Table capacity 227 kg (500 lb)
Generator power 80 kW (100 kW optional)
Rotation times

0.33, 0.305, 0.285 s

Tube voltages 70, 80, 100, 120, 140 kV
Iterative reconstruction SAFIRE5
Metal artifact reduction iMAR5
Slices 64, 128
Axial field of view 26.3 cm
Crystal size 3.2 x 3.2 x 20 mm
SiPM coverage of crystal array 100%
Effective sensitivity 100 cps/kBq
Effective peak NEC rate 1,789 kcps ≤ 30 kBq
Time of flight performance 214 ps

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