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Future-forward by design

Launch your future forward with a PET/CT that puts you confidently ahead of the curve and easily adapts to evolving clinical possibilities―Biograph Trinion™1 with myExam Companion™.

  • One high-performance platform that fully integrates best-in-class hardware and software2
  • Air-cooled, digital LSO detector and ultra-fast time of flight (TOF)3
  • A brand-new imaging experience for patients and users with AI-powered workflows
  • Always the right fit with a compact footprint, no equipment room, and on-site scalability
  • A sustainable investment

One high-performance platform

Next-generation PET/CT is here with Biograph Trinion.

Progress your PET/CT imaging with the speed and precision that results from one platform that fully integrates a best-in-class2 trio of PET, CT and syngo.via software. Get the latest in diagnostic image quality, speed and dose reduction with Biograph Trinion.


Keep pace with growing clinical demands

Expand clinical opportunities now and for the next generation.

Biograph Trinion supports you in acquiring the information you need for confident decision-making—and delivers consistent, high-quality images for all PET applications and radiotracers, including oncology, cardiology, neurology, theranostics, and novel radiotracers for Alzheimer’s disease.


A new user experience

Biograph Trinion offers a faster, more fulfilling user experience.

Accelerate your workflow from start to finish: Automated quality control saves valuable time in the morning. AI-based features and myExam Companion automatically deliver fast, consistent results. myExam Satellite™ allows for simultaneous image reading, processing and scanning.


Enhance patient wellbeing

Patients can choose a moodlight color to create a calming atmosphere.

Help ease anxiety by offering a streamlined, more personalized scan experience: The Scan&GO flexible workflow, with tablets and a convenient wireless remote control4, gives you more freedom to move about the room and stay focused on the patient. The patient moodlight and flared bore create a calming atmosphere, while the patient camera lets you closely observe your patient during the scan.


Always the right fit

Biograph Trinion brings together everything you need in a compact yet scalable system.

With a compact footprint, built-in computers and air-cooled design, Biograph Trinion can be installed in most existing rooms without the need for an equipment room or extensive renovations. And you can easily configure it to newly designed spaces.


Scalable performance

Biograph Trinion’s scalable axial field of view5 allows for onsite upgrades to keep you ahead of the curve. Easily scale your PET axial field of view to quickly boost your system’s performance and continue expanding patient access to new imaging opportunities.


A sustainable investment

Save at least 46% in power consumption6

Biograph Trinion provides a sustainable investment from today onward, with economical installation and operational costs through its compact footprint, energy-efficient air-cooled design, and automated energy-saving features like smart powersave mode.


Explore the future-forward design of Biograph Trinion

LSO-based digital detectors

New LSO-based Optiso digital detector provides 239-picosecond (ps) ultra-fast time of flight (TOF)3 for small lesion detectability and improved system performance

Scalable axial PET field of view

Axial PET field of view (FOV) easily scales up to 48 cm5 for easy, onsite performance expansion

Compact, air-cooled design

Streamlined system design removes requirement for equipment room, freeing space and reducing construction costs

Scan&GO tablets and wireless remote

Scan&GO tablets and wireless remote4 enable faster, more flexible scanning and more time to spend with the patient

Patient moodlight and camera

Adjustable-color patient moodlight4 promotes a more relaxing scan while the patient camera allows for closer observation

AI-powered workflow

AI-enabled features and MyExam Companion provide intuitive user experience with end-to-end workflow automation

Fast, low-dose CT innovations

Up to 128-slice CT4 with dual source option, featuring Tin Filter, SAFIRE, ADMIRE4, and iMAR, allow fast, low-dose scanning

Innovative patient bed

New, faster cantilevered bed design supports patient weight up to 272 kg (600 lbs) and features paper roll holder and IV pole stand

Biograph Trinion introduces a new imaging experience

From start to finish, Biograph Trinion's AI-based features and myExam Companion work for you by automating workflow steps for consistent, fast results and a more fulfilling user experience.


Biograph Trinion intelligent oncology imaging
Intelligent Oncology Imaging

Biograph Trinion offers a suite of dedicated tools to simplify and streamline complex oncology workflows for consistent results.

Biograph Trinion intelligent cardiology imaging
Intelligent cardiology imaging

Biograph Trinion opens new possibilities for cardiology imaging with intelligent AI-based features like Cardio Direct and more.

Biograph Trinion patient wellbeing
Focused on patient wellbeing

Biograph Trinion can help you keep the well-being of your patients in focus with a faster, more personalized imaging experience.



Technical Details

Air-cooled design
LSO-based digital detectors
Crystal Size 4 x 4 x 20 mm
Ultra-fast TOF performance 239 ps
Scalable axial field of view 18 cm, 24 cm, ...5
Effective sensitivity up to 128 cps/kBq9
Effective peak NEC rate (kcps) up to 1,270 kcps ≤ 25 kBq/cc9
CT slices 64/128
Tube current Up to 825 mA
Rotation times Up to 0.33 s6
Maximum power 75 kW (187 kW with SAFIRE)
AthlonTM X-ray tube 1870 kcps
Tin Filter
Stellar detector

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1 Biograph Trinion PET/CT is not commercially available in all countries. Future availability cannot be guaranteed. 
2 Best-in-class. Data on file. 
3 Ultra-fast time of flight (TOF) is defined as less than 275 picoseconds (ps). Data on file. 
4 Optional.
5 Scalable axial field of views beyond 18 cm and 24 cm are not yet commercially available. 
6 Compared to other Biograph PET/CT systems. Data on file. 
7  iMAR is designed to yield images with a reduced level of metal artifacts compared to conventional reconstruction if the underlying CT data is distorted by metal being present in the scanned object. The exact amount of metal artifact reduction and the corresponding improvement in image quality achievable depends on numerous factors, including composition and size of the metal part within the object, patient size, anatomical location, and clinical practice. It is recommended to perform iMAR reconstruction in addition to conventional reconstruction. 
8 With time of flight. 
9 Data calculated with 35-cm phantom.