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Introducing the strongest 3T MRI system ever made by Siemens Healthineers

From oncological conditions to neurological disorders, MRI plays a key role in the clinical pathway of many patients. But despite continuous medical and technological progress, there are still many diseases not fully understood and patients whom physicians struggle to help. 

Siemens Healthineers is pushing the boundaries of high-end 3T MRI to support clinicians and scientists in their mission to address these challenges and ultimately improve patient care. The MAGNETOM Cima.X is the strongest 3T MRI system Siemens has ever produced, providing deeper insights into the human body. Transforming patient care and science, it features Gemini Gradients with 2001 mT/m at 200 T/m/s for an unparalleled whole-body performance.  

With MAGNETOM Cima.X, you can make the difference. 


Unprecedented gradient strength

MAGNETOM Cima.X introduces groundbreaking Gemini Gradients with unprecedented whole-body performance of 2001 mT/m at 200 T/m/s in clinical use. Nurtured by years of experience with Connectom systems and driven by unique Multi-GPA Technology, these Gemini Gradients will empower clinical care and push the boundaries of MR innovation. 

Groundbreaking Gemini Gradients

Introducing the first 2001 mT/m at 200 T/m/s commercially available gradients with the highest gradient strength in a whole-body scanner. The whole-body gradient coils will bring significant improvement to diffusion-weighted imaging, enabling the visualization of underlying structures that were previously unseeable. This has potential for furthering the understanding of the composition of voxels, delivering more information that can help to increase the understanding of diseases. 


Multi-GPA technology

The driving force of the gradient system is the gradient power amplifier (GPA). The one-of-a-kind gradient array design in the MAGNETOM Cima.X will feature Siemens’s first Multi-GPA Technology with two separate gradient power amplifiers to deliver the required performance for unmatched gradient amplitude and maximum spatial resolution. And new direct Liquid Cooling Technology will enable direct thermal contact with the gradient coolant, maximizing thermal energy transfer and dissipation. 


Ultra-advanced 3T magnet

The foundation of the MAGNETOM Cima.X is an exceptional 3T magnet that incorporates the knowledge and experience of Siemens Healthineerss ultra-high field scanners. The benchmark 3T magnet delivers excellent homogeneity, a large 55 x 55 x 50 cm2 FOV, with a 2,050 mm scan range and outstanding long-term stability. A dedicated network of sensors in the magnet, so called frequalizers, allow constant adjustment of the transmit and receive parameters for maximum SNR. 


Brilliant images

Brilliant images are at the heart of the MAGNETOM Cima.X. Its consistent and precise head-to-toe images deliver the foundation for confidence in diagnosis. Backed by unique hardware components and innovative software solutions, this imaging powerhouse will transform clinical care and pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries and clinical translation. 

Faster than ever before

MAGNETOM Cima.X features the next generation of Deep Resolve deep learning image reconstruction technology. It benefits from an even broader range of clinical applications and combines many different acceleration technologies for reduced acquisition times and superior image quality. 

Deep Resolve

Deep Resolve is an AI-powered image reconstruction technology that takes advantage of convolutional neural networks to accelerate MRI scans. Deep Resolve’s raw data-to image reconstruction and highly accelerated acquisition times are gamechangers in MRI, helping generate actionable insights for patient diagnosis. 


Unique complimenting acceleration techniques

Acquisition times in MRI are still a challenge for many vulnerable patients. Simultaneous Multi-Slice helps cut exam times, reduces DWI scan times throughout the body and significantly improves temporal resolution for BOLD fMRI. Compressed Sensing drastically reduces acquisition times and offers new capabilities for 3D imaging, especially in the depiction of dynamic processes of moving organs. 


A new reality in science

The MAGNETOM Cima.X will pave the way for a new reality in science and boost collaboration and customization with Open Recon2. Deploy your custom reconstruction algorithms seamlessly into your clinical workflows while fostering open and collaborative innovation. Work with clinicians and scientists worldwide thanks to Open Recon2 and many other solutions that facilitate science. 

Open Recon

Part of the Open MAGNETOM platform, Open Recon2 inline prototyping allows custom reconstruction algorithms to be easily run and adjusted, enabling seamless workflows. Open Recon also enables standardized inline access via ISMRM raw data format for data transfer and sharing standardized algorithms with other institutions. 


Physiologging of physiology data

MAGNETOM Cima.X will allow physiologging of time-stamped physiology signals for fMRI data correction. This makes a difference in data precision by simplifying the correlation of physiology and fMRI data. 


Intuitive powerhouse

MAGNETOM Cima.X will enable you to easily switch between complex scientific work and day-to-day tasks. Benefit from highly automated scan workflows with myExam Companion and unique BioMatrix Technology that automatically adjusts to patient biovariability. MAGNETOM Cima.X is your key to unrivaled results at all clinical levels and is seamlessly integrated into your scanner fleet. 

BioMatrix Technology

Unique BioMatrix Technology automatically adjusts to patient variability for more personalized exams and fewer unwarranted variations. This efficiently increases image quality and consistency and improves the overall patient experience. 


myExam Companion

The AI-based myExam Companion helps optimize the scan workflow with its intuitive interfaces and intelligent guidance, reducing operational complexity for more consistent results and better patient care. It turns data into built-in expertise that helps users efficiently achieve reproducible results. 


Technical Details

Field strength

3 Tesla

Bore size

60 cm

Helium consumption

Zero helium boil-off technology

Magnet length

172 cm


Passive and active 


55*55*50 cm


BioMatrix 3T Coils

Gemini gradients1


Gradient power amplifier Multi-GPA technology
Gradient cooling Liquid cooling technology
Maximum number of channels3 204,228
Number of independent receiver channels that can be used simultaneously in one single scan and in one single FoV, each generating an independent partial image 64,128

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1 200 mT/m (±3% for design tolerances)
2 Open Recon is to add clinical reconstructions to the system, if signed and released for clinical use by Siemens Healthineers. Any other image reconstruction used, e.g., by researchers, is automatically labelled not for diagnostic use, which may require observation of national regulations.
3 Channels (coil elements) that can be connected simultaneously.