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Breaking Barriers at 0.55T


MAGNETOM Free.Max breaks barriers to expand the reach of MRI:

  • The world’s first 80 cm bore, offering an improved patient experience
  • Helium-free infrastructure removes siting obstacles by offering a helium-free infrastructure
  • Affordability makes MRI accessible to more providers than ever before
  • Break barriers to explore new clinical opportunities


Expand opportunities with a larger bore

Bore size shouldn’t shut your patients out of MRI, whether due to claustrophobia or a larger body. The 80-cm bore on the MAGNETOM Free.Max makes for a less daunting, more comfortable experience.

The digital transformation of MRI

Siemens Healthineers brings the digital revolution to your MRI practice. With Deep Resolve, deep learning-based reconstruction can further enhance the quality of outcomes. 


Deep Resolve Gain

Deep Resolve Gain is a reconstructive technique that uses individual quantitative noise maps in the reconstruction process for targeted denoising. It is available for a broad range of sequences and boosts image quality for maximum diagnostic capabilities.


Deep Resolve Sharp

Deep Resolve Sharp generates high resolution images from low resolution input using a convolutional neural network for TSE sequences. Crisper and sharper images can be obtained with no compromise in data acquisition times.


Simultaneous Multi-Slice

Simultaneous Multi-Slice TSE is Siemens Healthineers’s unique method to speed up the data acquisition in TSE imaging. Save up to 50% scan time by acquiring multiple slices simultaneously, reducing patient slot times, minimizing motion artifacts and maintaining patient friendliness.


Improve implant imaging with High-V MRI

Imaging metal implants has historically been difficult with conventional MRI systems due to the resulting artifacts. High-V MRI offers intrinsic physical advantages that result in reduced metal distortions and strongly improved diagnostic capabilities for implant imaging.

Reduce susceptibility challenges with High-V MRI

Susceptibility artifacts are a well know phenomenon in MRI. One prominent example for such artifacts is air-tissue interfaces, as they occur at the sinuses and orbits. The unique field strength of High-V MRI offers physical advantages that inherently reduce susceptibility artifacts. This leads to reduced geometric distortions in diffusion imaging, resulting in improved diagnostic quality.

New opportunities in pulmonary imaging with High-V MRI

Pulmonary imaging has been notoriously difficult with conventional MRI, as the air-tissue interfaces result in a fast signal decay. These challenges scale with magnetic field strength, making High-V MRI the perfect opportunity to expand the reach of your pulmonary imaging.

Diagnostic confidence for daily excellence

MAGNETOM Free.Max excels in image quality. For your daily routine, this translates into uncompromised diagnostic confidence. Powered by unique innovations in the field of image acquisition and deep learning-based reconstruction, MAGNETOM Free.Max delivers excellent diagnostic quality for standard clinical MRI applications.


myExam Companion

myExam Autopilot automates MRI intelligently. Even novice users can deliver high-quality results easily in routine MRI scans, and experienced technologists can focus more on the patient than the operation of the scanner. myExamAssist and myExam Cockpit complement the scan experience with guidance and flexible protocol customization.



MAGNETOM Free.Max streamlines your tasks beyond scanning. Gain efficiency and reproducibility in your patient setup with BioMatrix workflow automation.


syngo Virtual Cockpit

MAGNETOM Free.Max integrates syngo Virtual Cockpit remote assistance directly into your workplace. Benefit from an expert at your site when you need it.


Redefining MRI affordability

A viable business is the prerequisite to expand the reach of MRI. MAGNETOM Free.Max breaks down financial barriers, resulting in new opportunities to offer MRI as a cornerstone of your diagnostic services.


Stay Connected to be One Step Ahead

While you focus on caring for your patients, stay connected to the latest updates. Siemens Healthineers uses the preventive intelligence of the Guardian Program to solve technical issues before downtimes occur. Stay connected to keep one step ahead.


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