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MRI for all. Because everyone deserves access to MRI.


As an extremely powerful imaging tool, MRI plays a pivotal role in the fight against many of our world’s prevalent diseases, but the cost and complexity of deploying conventional MR scanners limits its access.
Until now.

The MAGNETOM Free.Star introduces a disruptively simple approach to MRI that transforms access to high-value care. Based on Siemens Healthineers’s revolutionary High-V MRI platform, the MAGNETOM Free.Star leverages the full power of digital innovations to create a cost-effective MRI system that will ensure greater MRI access to patients everywhere.

Get remote scanning support for your MR imaging. Request an MRI scan to be remotely performed (Remote Scanning) or choose remote scan coaching for on-the-job learning (Remote Coaching).

On-demand diagnostic services
With remote reading solutions, get support for your entire workflow, from scanning to reading.

A new era of affordability
The High-V MRI platform combines cutting-edge technologies to improve access to care. MAGNETOM Free.Star can dramatically reduce the costs and complexity associated with conventional solutions.

It’s time to rethink what’s possible.


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