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Maximizing Your 3T Productivity.

Healthcare providers worldwide are under increasing pressure to manage two contradictory forces: delivering the highest quality care while contending with a reduced budget. The number of MRI scans continues to rise as MRI continues to prove its diagnostic value and expand growing clinical fields 1. At the same time, global reimbursements continue to fall. 

The MAGNETOM Skyra from Siemens Healthineers is 3T MRI designed to turn these challenges into opportunities.


Features & Benefits

Growing healthcare expenditures and changing patient populations have led to an increased demand for standardization and higher efficiency. With a full range of routine and advanced applications, the MAGNETOM Skyra allows you to answer these challenges. Improve your processes through greater standardization and extend your clinical capabilities by offering new services.

Technical Details

X-ray tubes 2x Vectron X-ray tubes
Detector 2 x QuantaMax photon-counting CT detectors
Number of acquired slices 2 x QuantaMax photon-counting CT detectors
mA Up to 1,300 mA
Temporal resolution Down to 66 ms
kV 90, 120, 140 kV
Sn100, Sn140 kV
z-coverage 144 x 0.4 mm
120 x 0.2 mm (UHR)
Spatial resolution 0.11 mm (in-plane) in UHR mode
Power 2 x 120 kW
Table load Up to 676 lbs (307 kg)
Speed Up to 737 mm/s (with Turbo Flash)

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1 IMV Report 2014 IV-20.
2 Dot Cockpit Usability Study (2013) for Dot and non-Dot users.