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Expand your successful RT business

The SOMATOM go.Up from Siemens Healthineers comes with technology that’s completely new to scanners of its kind, making advanced procedures available for routine practice.
The SOMATOM go.Up opens up the field of preventive care for your routine RT operations. It includes an innovative workplace design and an entirely redesigned service model to reduce costs, making high-quality care accessible and allowing you to stay competitive while keeping an eye on profitability. 
This compact 70-cm CT simulator features:

  • Dual Energy and Monoenergic Plus imaging to help improve tissue contrast and target delineation, making it easier to visualize complicated areas.
  • iMAR – A metal artifact reduction solution to address patients with single or double hip prostheses.
  • An extended field of view matching the size of the CT simulator bore.
  • Native patient marking software with automatic drive of movable lasers.


  • A specially designed RT table with a weight capacity of 227 kg (500 lbs).
  • The ability to operate your CT simulator from a detachable tablet and remote control.
  • Low total cost of ownership.

Gain flexibility with a new mobile workflow

Built around a new mobile workflow, the SOMATOM go.Up features a line-up of innovative solutions that create an unparalleled level of flexibility and mobility. The solutions help to enhance comfort for potentially higher levels of patient satisfaction.


  • Lightweight, high-resolution tablet gives you total freedom over how you work
  • With Scan&GO technology, you just need a few steps for the entire scan
  • Start checking patient information as soon as you collect the patient from the waiting room, then prepare the scan directly at the gantry
  • Stay with the patient for longer

New workplace design

  • Gantry-integrated computers provide complete flexibility over where you position the workstation
  • Depending on your needs and infrastructure, you can set up the workstation in the same room, outside the scan room or in a separate control room


  • Keep an eye on the patient at all times
  • The close-up perspective makes it easy to spot micro-movements and keep the patient in the right position

Remote control

  • Easy-to-use Bluetooth connection
  • Streamline scanning and make workflow processes more efficient

Automate your workflow with GO technologies

The SOMATOM go.Up features a holistic set of intuitive solutions that address your workflow at the scanner and beyond. By reducing repetitive workflow steps, GO technologies help standardize and simplify all your departmental processes, letting you work more efficiently and focus on your patients.


  • Control scans wirelessly from your remote control and tablet
  • Choose whether to operate the scanner workflow at the gantry or from outside the room
  • Expedite patient preparation and positioning


  • An intelligent algorithm flags problems with coverage or contrast media distribution as they occur
  • Correct issues on the go, prevent subsequent errors in multiphase scans and avoid archiving suboptimal images


  • Perform zero-click postprocessing as part of standard reconstruction tasks
  • Ready-to-read technology saves time and cuts down on workflow steps

CT View&GO

  • An all-in-one cross-specialty viewing solution provides a large variety of clinical applications
  • Smooth reading in just one workflow
  • Customizable user interface lets you tailor the system to your needs

The SOMATOM go.Up delivers the low-dose scanning that’s essential for optimal patient care. It allows scans of long ranges at the speed of a breath-hold, all while maintaining a high spatial resolution. Profit from a low initial investment and reliable components.

Technical Details

SOMATOM go.Up has a patient table with scannable range up to 160 cm that can hold up to 500lbs for bariatric patients. The table is equipped with newly designed accessories such as a paper roll holder, an infusion stand, and RT positioning devices.
Slices 32 (64 with IVR)
Rotation times 1.5 s, 1.0 s (opt. 0.8 s)
Tube 3.5 MHU (8.75 MHU)1
Power 32 kW (80 kW)1
High voltage 80, 110, 130 kV
mA 240 mA (opt. 400 mA)
600 mA (opt. 1000 mA)1
z-coverage 2.2 cm (32 x 0.7 mm)
Max. table load 500 lbs
Iterative reconstruction SAFIRE

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