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Select Smart Imaging


The Cios Select mobile C-arm is equipped with proven, high-quality image intensifier technology enhanced by IDEAL dose management, a wireless footswitch and advanced cybersecurity for a system that delivers excellent images, easy handling and high system uptime.

An affordable imaging system delivering accuracy, productivity and reliability

  • Accuracy — Acquire sharp, balanced images
  • Productivity — Streamline your workflow
  • Reliability — Profit from proven excellence

Accurate, sharp and balanced images

Cios Select supports your procedures with smart, automated algorithms like IDEAL dose management, metal correction and noise reduction.


Intelligent Dose Efficiency Algorithm (IDEAL)

Cios Select is equipped with the unique IDEAL dose reduction software, which automatically optimizes dose, contrast and brightness by referencing x-ray parameters with an analysis of image pixels and histogram, resulting in balanced, crisp imagery.


Metal Correction

Metal implants can dramatically impact and impair anatomical visualizations. Cios Select’s Metal Correction technology optimizes contrast and brightness levels to deliver clearer, more distinct imagery.


Advanced Noise Reduction

The Cios Select automatically optimizes imaging to minimize noise for clearer, more visible anatomy.


Edge Enhancement

Automatic edge enhancement delivers crisper, finer details.


Productivity – Streamline your workflow

Cios Select helps you simplify everyday interventions and reduce training time

Easy System Positioning
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Color-coded axes and brakes
  • Integrated laser light localizer
  • Fully counter-balanced C-arm
Wireless footswitch
  • More flexible positioning of the footswitch throughout the room
  • Better inflection control and easier cleaning
  • Uses standard batteries — no special service calls required
  • 12-18 month duration under average usage
Intuitive Control Panel
  • Each button is labeled with a clear pictogram
  • Buttons with similar functions are clustered
  • All important functions and applications directly accessible

Reliability through proven excellence

Cios Select systems undergo rigorous in-house testing of over 441,000 cycles before arriving at your facility. The result: 99.8% uptime across an install base of over 10,000 systems around the world.2

Advanced cybersecurity

Secure personal data, safeguard your finances and reputation, and decrease your hospital's risk of being hacked.


User Access Management

Prevent unauthorized access by creating user groups and defining custom access levels.

Medical Team at Computer

App Whitelisting

Protect your system from malware with restrictions on unauthorized downloads.

Computer with Flowchart App

Data Encryption

Encrypted patient data partition for security against theft thanks to Windows 10 BitLocker.


Audit Trail

Track important configuration changes for improved transparency.


Technical Details

System specifications :
Field of view 9" (23 cm)
Image resolution 1 K2
Power Output 2.5 kW
Orbital movement 130° (- 40° to + 90°)
Immersion depth 28.7” (73 cm)
Monitors 2 x 19" high bright1
2 x 19" standard color
Image storage 150,000 images
Clinical applications and workflows :
Vascular software Essential1
Cooling system tube Passive
CARE program Yes
IDEAL (dose management) Yes
DICOM Services DICOM Send / Storage Commitment1
DICOM Print1
DICOM Query/Retrieve1
DICOM Worklist / MPPS1
System control :
Control technology Button based
Breaks control Manual
Room Planning :
Unit fuse protection 100 V to 127 V 20 A slow-blow fuse
200 V to 240 V 15 A slow-blow fuse
C-arm dimensions (L x W x H) 77.8“ x 31.5“ x 68.3“
(179.5 cm x 80 cm x 173.5 cm)
Monitor cart dimensions (L x W x H) 27“ x 29.0“ x 70.6“
(68.6 cm x 73.6 cm x 179.2 cm)

C-arm weight 605 lbs. (275 kg.)
Monitor cart weight 330 lbs. (150 kg.) 

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1 Option

2 Average system availability over the entire

3 Siemens mobile C-arm installed base
1 hour per day accumulated use / one set of standard batteries