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Experience the Power of Portability


Open up your OR with the Smart-C Portable C-arm.
The Smart-C provides today’s clinicians with flexible options that fit their workspace and imaging needs. The Turner Imaging Systems Smart-C is a mini C-arm X-ray system designed to provide physicians with real-time general fluoroscopic visualization of adult and pediatric patients:



  • Lightweight, cordless, battery-powered system for portability
  • Sophisticated imaging algorithm for improved visualization
  • Wireless, high-definition fluoroscopic imaging for radiological use
  • Independent articulating arm for optimal positioning
  • Ability to conserve space with a compact footprint
  • Collapsible design for transportation and storage
  • Independent monitor cart for clear field-of-view positioning
  • Detaches from articulating arm for independent tabletop use
  • Custom drapes available for all surgical applications


Multiple packages available depending on your needs:

Surgical Suite Package

Get a Mini C-arm with separate components that increase functionality in today’s OR. Surgeons have unique flexibility to place the monitor and support stand anywhere. Components fit together easily so the system is easy to move, with a small storage footprint.

Components: siemens-healthineers_Smart.C.Mini.C_Arm
  • Smart-C system
  • Smart-C monitor cart
  • Smart-C support stand*
  • Support stand drapes (25)
  • C-arm drapes (25)

*available with tablet mounting arm

Positioning Package

Get full capability with a small footprint. Connecting the Tablet Mounting Arm to the Support Stand makes for a compact system that accommodates smaller clinical spaces. Close proximity of the tables allows greater tableside control and visualization of images.

  • Smart-C system
  • Smart-C support stand with tablet mounting arm
  • Support stand drapes (25)
  • C-arm drapes (25)

Visualization Package

This package makes sense when the Mini C-arm is routinely used tabletop. The independent Monitor Cart provides a docking station for the tablet and a large field of view for image visualization. It’s battery powered for flexible monitor placement.

  • Smart-C system
  • Smart-C monitor cart
  • C-arm drapes (25)

Portability Package

This package delivers complete portability. The system is battery-operated and connects wirelessly to the tablet and foot pedal. The collapsible design of the Mini C-arm allows easy transport between offices, field use and storage. The durable transport case is suited for airline travel and shipping.

  • Smart-C system
  • Transport case
  • C-arm drapes (25)


Immediate and accurate diagnosis of injuries can be a difference-maker in recovery. The Smart-C arm provides you with a portable and accurate imaging tool for diagnosis. The mini C-arm delivers the full functionality of full-sized solutions. Its strength lies in its size and mobility, so you can quickly diagnose an injury:
  • Privately image fractures, sprains, separations and dislocations
  • Image foot and ankle issues without removing the shoe

Technical Details

Reduce Downtime with the Smart-C

C-arms are sophisticated pieces of equipment that contain both complex assemblies and components. With the Smart-C, there is no need to wait for an onsite technician in the event a repair is required.
Smart-C mini C-arm :
Uptime guarantee 99%
System weight < 50 lbs.
Repair location At the factory
System downtime < 24 hours
Travel expenses No
Other mini C-arms :
Uptime guarantee N/A
System weight > 400 lbs.
Repair location On-site
System downtime Days - weeks
Travel expenses Yes

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