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The Essence of Power and Portability

With the number and complexity of cardiovascular cases today, the need for portable, high-quality and fast echo exams is growing. 

The ACUSON Bonsai is the newest portable system for routine cardiovascular echo exams from Siemens Healthineers, and it’s designed to support you wherever and whenever you need it. It provides the perfect harmony of power and portability to improve workflow with image quality, advanced applications and effortless mobility.


The ACUSON Bonsai system addresses your challenges in routine echo


Powerful Imaging
Powerful precise imaging starts with diagnostic accuracy and consistency. The ACUSON Bonsai was designed with unique imaging technologies that deliver accurate and reproducible results.

Exceptional Performance
With the ACUSON Bonsai, you can confidently assess your cardiovascular patients with a complete set of user-friendly applications: Auto EF, stress echo, strain, auto IMT and anatomical M-mode. These highly focused features support all your routine cardiovascular exams, letting you support more patients in more environments.

Portable Workflow
Whether mounted on the user-friendly cart or hand-carried, the ACUSON Bonsai provides the ergonomic functionality you need to optimize your cardiovascular environment. Its slim profile makes it easy to transport and store, while multiple applications and customizable function keys improve workflow and patient care.


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