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Ultrasound Reimagined

Manage the costs of treating the chronic diseases of a growing aging population with an ultrasound system that delivers on all fronts.

The ACUSON Redwood from Siemens Healthineers is a premium ultrasound system that delivers detailed image quality, advanced technologies and greater workflow efficiency.

Coherent Image Formation (CIF) for harmonic images
Using both Phase and Amplitude information to form an image, the ACUSON Redwood’s improved alignment enables high resolution and high ram rate compared to conventional1 ultrasound systems.

Single-crystal piezoelectric transducers for more sensitivity
Piezoelectric material is at the heart of any transducer. Single-crystal designs provide improved sensitivity and bandwidth where it’s needed most in clinical applications for both abdominal and cardiac transducers. Wider bandwidths yield better harmonic imaging, axial resolution and greater sensitivity, giving you deeper penetration and clearer imaging.

UltraArt for greater sensitivity and quad display
Siemens Healthineers’s exclusive UltraArt Universal Image Processing brings you ultrasound the way you want it. Select your imaging preferences at the touch of a button using the real-time quad display. Improve the contrast resolution of different anatomical structures. Increase exam quality and consistency across different users by avoiding improper combinations of individual post-processing parameters.
Reduce your Burden with Auto TEQ
Auto TEQ tissue equalization technology automatically optimizes relevant parameters to minimize operator adjustments. Several acquisition parameters are available in both B-mode and pulse wave imaging modes, such as gain, velocity scale and wall filter.

Point Shear Wave (pSWE)

Reproducible, reliable and detailed tissue stiffness information in support of liver assessment can be quickly and easily obtained using one-touchpoint shear wave technology.


2D Shear Wave (SWE)

Add another dimension to quantitative shear wave imaging with color-coded shear wave maps for the 10L4 transducer in the breast and thyroid.


Strain Elastography

Virtual Touch strain elastography provides a simple and qualitative measure of lesion stiffness relative to the surrounding tissues.


Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS)

Contrast Pulse Sequencing (CPS) and flash sequencing technologies enable greater diagnostic confidence in the characterization of focal liver lesions.


Stress Echo

Comprehensive and flexible stress echo package includes configurable stress echo protocols and wallmotion scoring features.


Left Ventricular Opacification (LVO)

Confidently perform LVO studies with an intuitive touch-screen layout streamlined to only include the functions necessary for these studies. No visual clutter means you can focus on images, not interfaces.


AI-enabled Technologies2


eSie Measure
eSie Measure enables one-touch quantification to reduce keystrokes and increase quantification reproducibility.

eSie OB
eSie OB provides automated biometric measurements for obstetric scanning, reducing scan time and keystrokes while increasing exam consistency.

eSie Left Heart
eSie Left Heart identifies and automatically contours the left ventricle and left atrium while improving consistency and reproducibility of left ventricular and left atrial quantification.

Transducer Technology


Next-generation InTune transducer technology with advanced materials, optimization and manufacturing gives you the highest signal fidelity throughout your entire imaging chain.

  • Complete Abdominal Solution – Get diagnostic quality 2D, color and Doppler imaging superficially, at depth and everywhere in between
  • Comprehensive Cardiac Solution – Address a full range of patient sizes, ages and approaches
  • Compatibility and transducer sharing with the ACUSON Sequoia ultrasound system increases value and cost-effectiveness

Get the quality you deserve with the ACUSON Redwood.


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1 When compared to the ACUSON S3000 Ultrasound system
2 Software application leveraging machine learning-based Artificial Intelligence to achieve the intended outcome.