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Intelligent Imaging. Expanded Insights. User-Driven Design.

Built from the ground up with input from users around the world, the ACUSON Sequoia ultrasound system from Siemens Healthineers was created with sonographers and patients in mind. Powered by BioAcoustic technology, the ACUSON Sequoia can reduce the effects of ultrasound variability between users, patients and technology, helping to deliver effective clinical insights. 

InFocus Imaging

The ACUSON Sequoia system's powerful architecture eliminates the need for a conventional focal zone to create beautiful, fully focused images. InFocus uses synthesized, retrospectively focused transmit beams throughout the field of view that focuses at all depths. More information is harvested from the usual transmit sequence, using massive overlapping multibeam groups rather than individual or close parallel beam lines as in conventional systems.


Custom Tissue Imaging 

The ACUSON Sequoia speed of sound correction technology changes the speed of sound per body type or pathology for improved focusing, spatial resolution and contrast resolution.

UltraArt Universal Image Processing 

UltraArt is a novel approach to allow users to select their preferred image parameter by choosing from one of four imaging options displayed on the touch screen. UltraArt can work in both real time and post-processing to achieve the desired image without the need to change multiple parameters.

Modality Compare

Modality compare lets you easily compare images from other imaging modalities for simultaneous viewing alongside real-time ultrasound images. This provides fast and easy comparison of previously identified organs or pathologies.

Take the first step in reducing variability with the ACUSON Sequoia.


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