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True Value in Imaging


SHARP FM is a state-of-the-art X-ray system built for smaller facilities, where high-quality imaging meets enormous value. SHARP FM is your answer to highly advanced single-phase floor-mounted radiography.

  • Robust reliability
  • Simple user interface
  • Single-phase generator
  • Integrated detector
  • Delivered at an attractive price

The Sum of Its Parts: Transform Care Delivery with SHARP FM


Four-way Floating Table 
The heavy-duty electric table is a steel structure supporting patients up to 700 pounds, with a welded base for maximum strength and durability.
The four-way floating top guides effortlessly in all directions, while effortless foot action and treadle release lock the table in place and release it with ease.
120/230-240VAC power is ideal for single-phase electric.

Elevating Table Upgrade
Four-way float top functionality is available in an elevating table.
A four-point lift system depends on a quiet rack and pinion motor to distribute lifting power equally to four precise locations and deliver strength to support patients up to 800 pounds.
The table lowers to 22 inches off the floor for easy transfers.

Versatility in the Bucky Wall Stand
The stand travels vertically up to 84 inches, with a low central beam height of 15.5 inches. Vertical movements are manual. Fail Safe locks make patient safety a priority. The Bucky includes side-mounted and overhead patient hand grips for support. Grip options are available.
An ergonomic release handle makes system operation easy, and the cable concealment system makes for a safe and aesthetically pleasing room.
The 17” x 17” cabinet houses the system’s powerful Max Slim digital detector.



X-ray tube and Collimator
The floor-mounted tube stand is the ideal foundation for the Siemens Healthineers 230 kHU tube and collimator.

High-frequency Generator
The single-phase 40 kW generator delivers high frequency performance in excess of 400 kHz. Anatomical programs are available in multiple languages. Featured is a membrane console pedestal and exposure hand switch for simple system operation and navigation.
MAX Image Quality Delivered
Count on the Max Slim digital detector for consistently reliable performance.
It combines secure and efficient handling with state-of-the-art Csi technology to achieve high image quality at lower patient dose than GoS technology. It is an extremely thin and lightweight detector that can be shared between multiple SHARP FM systems.
The detector delivers a 14” x 17” active area and weighs just 6.2 pounds. A two-hour charge gets you up to eight hours of battery operational time.

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