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Radiography is still the most common imaging procedure worldwide. So how can you further streamline workflow, increase your revenue and create a competitive advantage? 
The Ysio Max digital X-ray system from Siemens Healthineers can help you speed up examinations, increase precision and safety and introduce a high level of standardization to your practice. It also offers unique automation, including direct system autopositioning that responds only to the touch of a human hand, as well as automatic detector identification.

Unique automation for fast, simple and safe workflows
The Ysio Max offers unique automation for fast and safe system positioning, letting you streamline and speed up workflows to focus more on the patient.

MAX image quality creates consistency for all patients and staff
Every patient is different and requires individual settings, but the Ysio Max standardizes workflows and outcomes to obtain consistently high image quality for all patients. The reproducible high MAX image quality is based on a unique image chain consisting of the MAX detectors and highly advanced DiamondView MAX postprocessing, which is specifically adapted to every imaging situation.

Customization for more than 60 configurations
Your patient mix defines your clinical needs. As a modular system, the Ysio Max can be tailored to precisely meet your requirements. With the Ysio Max, you only pay for what you need. Simply tailor the modular system to precisely meet your patient and case mix, then add more components in the future if your requirements change.

The MAX Effect is Where Gains Multiply


As you’re forced to do more with less, you have to run your radiology department more efficiently than ever. By combining two or more MAX systems, you experience the MAX effect: unique standardization across your fleet that saves you time and costs and ultimately boosts your satisfaction.

  • Standardize to gain consistently high quality of care, fewer retakes and faster reading
  • Save money, time and room availability
  • Satisfy patients, staff, physicians and managers

Supporting You in Your Daily Routine


The Ysio Max supports your clinical workflows in routine radiography, trauma/ER setup and advanced examinations such as Ortho. Enhanced by DiamondView MAX, it also delivers MAX image quality. Together with organ-program-linked post-processing, the Ysio Max helps you make fast, more confident diagnoses.

  • Fast and easy Ortho1 imaging with up to 4 images
  • Ergonomic system design for improved patient care
  • Less physical effort with motorized system movements
  • Automatic safeguard helps you focus on your patient

Technical Details

The technology of Ysio Max1 brings you excellent image quality and improves your workflow with the unique Aim FAST2.
System specification :
Patient table and tabletop Table height: 52 cm to 95 cm / 21” to 37”
Max. patient weight: 300 kg / 660 lbs
Longitudinal tabletop travel: ± 48 cm / ± 18.9”
X-ray tube support Longitudinal travel range: 346 cm / 136“
Transverse with 3 / 4 m trolley: 220 cm / 355 cm ( 86.6“ / 139.8“)
Servo support for manual tube positioning in x-, y- and z-axes standard for Ysio Max with Aim / Aim FAST
with Aim / Aim FAST option: Unique fully automated, simultaneously movement in up to 6 axes to enable the fastest and safest way to the position you need
X-ray tube Max. exposure voltage (IEC 60613): 150 kV
Anode heat storage capacity: 580,000 J (783,000 HU)
X-ray generator 65 kW
Option: 80 kW
Bucky wall stand Vertical movement range (BWS with MAX static / MAX wi-D): 145 / 141 cm (57.1“ / 55.5”)
Cybersecurity Data protection features: Whitelisting, 90 days patches, HD data encryption
Option: Advanced User Management including role based access, centrally managed and audit trail
Clinical workflow :
User interface syngo FLC
Patient registration Retrieval of patient list and examination data from the hospital/radiology information system (HIS/RIS)
Emergency patient registration
Patient, study and image data administration
Organ program and exam set editor More than 1000 organ programs can be stored, customized and arranged in exam sets using the advanced organ program and exam set editor.
Organ programs consist of multiple imaging and workflow parameters for particular body parts and imaging sequences.
Now with over 200 dedicated pediatric organ programs with recommended system settings developed to optimize image quality and dose, based on the patient age and size and the body region to be examined.
Accessories / Options :
MAX wi-D detector 35 cm x 43 cm x 1.9 cm (14” x 17” x 0.7”); 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
Cesium iodide scintillator
MAX mini detector 24 cm x 30 cm x 1.6 cm (10” x 12” x 0.6”); 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs)
Cesium iodide scintillator
MAX static detector 43 cm x 43 cm / 17” x 17”
SmartOrtho2 Fully automated tilting technique for long leg and full spine imaging, up to 4 images
Room Planning :
System weight Approx. 1530 kg (3373 lbs), including Bucky wall stand, X-ray tube support, imaging station, generator cabinet, patient table
Room height Min. 267 cm / 105“, without limitations

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