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Steps to Bring Your Facility Back Online Post-Quarantine

The last two months have taken us a wild, scary ride, and all the while, healthcare professionals have stayed the course, continuing their hard work to help patients and take care of our neighbors and communities. As a new era begins and states begin to relax their COVID-19 quarantine measures, hospitals and clinics are... Read more

Hospitals are on the Hook—Bundled Payments Expand

At the heart of healthcare reform is the shift to value and focus on outcomes. This is evident once again in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) recent bundled payment expansion. Back in April, the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) value-based payment rule took effect. In the CJR model,... Read more

Understanding Site-Neutral Payments: Video Series

The Medicare program currently pays significantly different rates for services provided in different settings, and site-neutral payments have been considered as one way of eliminating the payment gap. However, that option has proven to be a contentious issue. In a previous Cassling webinar presented by The Advisory Board... Read more

Accurate Diagnosis: The Conduit for Value-Based Care

By: David Fisher, Head of Global Policy and Government Affairs at Siemens Healthineers Our changing healthcare system requires all of us to change along with it. Just as medical device manufacturers have to adjust to increased scrutiny of value, so do hospitals, physicians and health IT manufacturers need to modify based... Read more

New Siemens Family of C-arms Offers Imaging and Workflow Benefits

With time constraints, limited resources and pressure to save money, your hospital and surgery team are likely doing everything they can to operate more efficiently. The recently FDA approved family of Siemens C-arms offers a solution to facilities who are trying to streamline workflows and increase surgical versatility... Read more

Upgrading to Digital X-ray Improves Value for Imaging Departments and Patients

One of the latest moves toward value-based care is the push for imaging providers to adopt digital radiography (DR). CMS will begin reducing payments for Medicare-eligible film X-rays beginning in 2017. In 2018, payment cuts extend to X-rays performed using computed radiography (CR). With more than 8,500 CR systems in... Read more