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Cassling Makes Waves with First Island Installation of CT System

Many considerations go into installing a new piece of imaging equipment. From facility planning and construction to system training and even marketing your new services, it's a long to-do list for imaging providers. Imagine, then, having to do all of that in isolation. In other words, on an island, surrounded by water.... Read more

by Andy Beer in CT,

Cassling Team Members Use Clinical Backgrounds to Serve Customers

No one understands the complexities of diagnostics, patient care and the clinical environment better than those who have been on the frontlines of healthcare. Read more

4 Imaging Trends to Watch in 2019

What’s in store for imaging departments in 2019? A lot, it turns out. In fact, 2019 may go down as a critical year for both imaging and healthcare in general. A number of trends have already taken shape in the opening weeks of 2019 to position this decade’s last hurrah as one with unprecedented change. By the time 2020... Read more

How to Secure Financing for Your Imaging Equipment Purchase

Many imaging facilities struggle with finding the backing necessary to make the types of purchases that can attract new patients, increase overall volume and positively affect reimbursement rates. Generally, the hardest-hit facilities tend to be: Read more

The Reimbursable X-Ray Exam Overlooked by Most Clinics and Hospitals

Reimbursement—or the lack thereof—is a pain point for most of our imaging customers. If you see Medicare patients, as most organizations do, then you’d love to increase volume around the Medicare-reimbursable procedures that can be carried out regularly and efficiently. Read more

2018 Brings Big Changes for X-ray Reimbursement

Reimbursement isn’t what it used to be. At the beginning of this year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) started applying a 7% penalty to all reimbursements for Computed Radiography (CR) exams. By all accounts, this hasn’t led to the widespread exodus away from CR systems that CMS was likely hoping would... Read more

Artificial Intelligence in Radiology is Here: What That Means for You

Think back to the last time you took a taxi (okay, more likely an Uber or a Lyft). When you hopped in, the driver probably had their phone set out on the center console, displaying your pickup location and destination, plus the quickest route to get there. Neither you nor the driver thought twice about this experience. He... Read more

Low Dose CT Lung Cancer Screenings: How to Launch Your Program

It’s nearly Election Day, and while there are no major victories that will drastically affect imaging providers, I bet you’re still wondering, “How do I manage or grow my imaging business in such a turbulent healthcare environment?” I get this question a lot, and there’s no easy answer. But I would be remiss, especially... Read more

The Pressure is Still ‘On’ to Standardize on Digital and Prevent Revenue Loss from Analog X-ray & CR Payment Cuts

If you’re like many imaging facilities, stress is still mounting to convert to a fully digital radiography solution, and it doesn’t seem like the industry has yet reached its tipping point. It’s an age-old problem for imaging leaders to need to protect their department’s revenue stream, but it is especially relevant now... Read more

Aging C-arms: What to Consider When Upgrading Your Fleet

As with most things, diagnostic medical equipment isn’t designed to last forever. Given the investment, your organization may be hesitant to approve purchasing the latest upgrade. But if you have an aging fleet of C-arms, it may be time to consider just that. There are a number of things to keep in mind when finalizing the... Read more

Promoting Lung Cancer Screenings: Build Volume & Save Lives

During a normal day, most of us inhale and exhale 25,000 times—and we probably take each breath for granted. A person with lung cancer can have extreme difficulty breathing and, as a result, is not able to supply their body with the oxygen it needs. Watch our video to learn how low-dose CT lung cancer screenings are... Read more

Hospitals are on the Hook—Bundled Payments Expand

At the heart of healthcare reform is the shift to value and focus on outcomes. This is evident once again in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) recent bundled payment expansion. Back in April, the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) value-based payment rule took effect. In the CJR model,... Read more

Update on CMS Law Intended to Cut Medicare Payments for Older X-ray Technologies

Last month, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services published the 2017 proposed rules for the Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System (HOPPS). They included a draft rule on the reimbursement cuts that will affect older X-ray technologies—though there wasn’t a significant update. As you may recall, Congress... Read more

Freestanding Emergency Departments are Spreading, Expanding Patient Care Options

One of the fastest-growing trends in healthcare is not happening at a university medical center or cancer research facility, but at your neighborhood shopping center, next door to Starbucks. Freestanding emergency departments (FSEDs) – EDs not attached to a hospital – are proliferating in highly populated suburbia, thanks... Read more

New Siemens Family of C-arms Offers Imaging and Workflow Benefits

With time constraints, limited resources and pressure to save money, your hospital and surgery team are likely doing everything they can to operate more efficiently. The recently FDA approved family of Siemens C-arms offers a solution to facilities who are trying to streamline workflows and increase surgical versatility... Read more