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Applications Being Accepted for 2023-24 Bob Cassling Memorial Scholarships

The scholarship, which honors the late founder of Cassling, provides financial support to rural healthcare professionals seeking a degree or certification in the imaging or radiation therapy fields. Higher education has never been more important for a diagnostic imaging professional’s career. This year, Cassling is again... Read more

Cybersecurity and Imaging Providers — Safety in a Digital World

Today’s healthcare systems operate in a mostly digital world. Vast, interconnected networks enable the myriad services that make up the healthcare continuum and enable the accurate and efficient delivery of care. This digital connectivity has allowed some amazing technological advances to come to light. Things like... Read more

MAMMO Act Puts Mammography with Tomosynthesis in the Spotlight

Women are currently the fastest-growing population of veterans. In 2018, women made up 9 percent of United States veterans, and by 2040, it's expected that 17 percent of veterans will be women. According to a study published by the National Institutes of Health, breast cancer rates could actually be higher in the military... Read more

Healthcare Supply Chains and Imaging System Delivery

Until 2021, U.S. healthcare organizations had little trouble acquiring the medical products needed to care for patients. Most were able to operate on a “just-in-time” methodology, placing and procuring needed products and supplies only when they needed them. This allowed organizations to operate using an agile and lean... Read more

Keeping Teams Connected with Your Healthcare Mission

Simply put, your organization’s healthcare mission is a promise. Wrapped up in a simple statement are the core beliefs and guiding principles that create an environment where promises can be kept — not just to the patients you serve, but also to the clinicians and staff who choose to work for your organization. Read more

Dan Boone Celebrates 20 Years With Cassling

When it comes to customer service, one person has been a boon to Cassling’s unmatched experience for more than two decades. Field Service Engineer Dan Boone joined Cassling in 2002 after working with Siemens Healthineers Nuclear Medicine systems for the 15 years prior to that. And in that time, he has developed a... Read more

7 Tips to Boost Marketing for Healthcare Providers

In many areas of the country, patient levels still haven’t reached where they were pre-pandemic. A small but significant portion of your patient base may still be hesitant to enter a healthcare facility for everything from preventive testing to critical imaging exams their physicians have been urging them to get for years.... Read more

What’s New in MRI Technology — 2022 Edition

With so many technological advancements happening across all of healthcare, it’s easy to lose sight of the incredible evolution happening to one of the cornerstones of the hospital imaging experience: MRI. 2022 has seen a number of improvements to the MRI patient experience, the workflows of imaging teams and the systems... Read more

From the CEO's Desk: Lessons on Leadership, Service and Supporting the Community

Mike Cassling, CEO of Cassling and CQuence Health Group was featured on February's issue of Midlands Business Journal. The article discusses Mike's dedication to maintaining Cassling and CQuence's stellar reputation in healthcare and highlights his passion for his employees, his customers, and for serving the community. ... Read more

Siemens Healthineers collaborating on world’s first carbon-neutral radiology imaging service

Siemens Healthineers is working to make the imaging world a more sustainable place. They’re collaborating with a west coast academic medical center in creating the world’s first carbon-neutral radiology imaging service. They’re also exploring artificial intelligence in radiology, clinical data and image integration, and... Read more

Wholehearted Mental Wellness: Leading with a Resilient Perspective

As healthcare industry professionals, we often wear thick emotional armor at work. That armor can interfere with truly being in touch with our emotions and emotional challenges. In this Brene Brown-inspired webinar, I’ll help you discover the authentic you and show you how to apply what you learn in changing your lifestyle. Read more

3D Breast Tomosynthesis ROI Calculator

With the addition of a 3D Digital Breast Tomosynthesis system, you’re able to bill for an additional CPT code in addition to the base mammogram procedure. That means you could be earning more revenue on every single exam. With this ROI calculator, determine how much revenue you could earn by upgrading to 3D Breast... Read more

Friends and Colleagues Remember Cassling Legend Ken Vetter

Ken Vetter had many admirable qualities. Friends and colleagues who have been at Cassling over the decades can attest to his honesty, his kindness, his compassion, his generosity, and so much more. But if there was one single thing just about everyone could agree on in regard to Ken, it was this: Read more

Cassling’s Most Popular Content of 2020

The year 2020 is behind us (cue the collective sigh of relief), but even in such trying times, the resilience of healthcare workers around the country has been truly inspiring. Not only were technologists, sonographers, radiologists and all manner of radiology professionals working tirelessly to ensure imaging was... Read more

Putting Together the Imaging Modality Puzzle

The following guest blog comes courtesy of Cheryl S. Turner, EdD., R.T., (R)(T), Director of Global Education and Training; Legion Healthcare Partners. Dr. Turner will be hosting an Investing In You webinar on Thursday, July 9 entitled, "All the Puzzle Pieces: How Imaging and Treatment Modalities Work Together." We are all... Read more